Grow with Church Family

What is the purpose of church?  It is to encourage one another as family together.  To be equipped in the faith.  Taking part in growing in the fullness of Christ.  We do life in worshipping, learning and fellowshipping.  As we mature and sharpen one another, disciples emerge. Fulfillment happens, we pass batons.  How awesome that the God of the universe has amazing plans for each of us.  To God be all the glory.

Do you know what breaks our Father’s Heart?  It’s when His beloveds step away from Him and His people.  Some have left church entirely.  Others hop from church to church, in hopes to find healing and belonging. 

It’s not about settling, it’s about surrendering.

I’m going to share my experience on brokenness and new life within the church.  Through God’s Word, dreams and His Voice..  From His Heart to mine to yours.  Our enemy is the devil.  He wants to distract us from the great commandment and the great commission.  It is our love in Jesus Christ that unites us.  May Holy Spirit minister personally to you. 

On January 9, 2022, I dreamed of being at a morning wedding.  I was very pregnant and about to give birth anytime.  I was walking with a cane, due to being hurt.  But I was joyfully smiling.  The Lord spoke, “You’re hurt, but new life is unfolding.”

I had no idea that the Lord would birth such new things.  My husband had great breakthrough. He and my children became prayer warriors.  We grew hungrier in Jesus together.  But we were in different places with where to commit to for local church. 

The enemy used fear and deception to divide church.  Depression, bitterness, unforgiveness and pridefulness destroyed relationships. It was difficult to discern which doors to open and which ones to close. I felt my fire dimming and burned out. Good seemed to be punished and bad looked to be praised.  

On February 10, 2022, I dreamed of spiritual leaders. They had given my husband and I two gifts.  One was a bike they had just fixed.  The other was a big log, a tree trunk.  While passing these to us, we were beginning to go down an escalator.  We grabbed the bike, but didn’t grab the log good.  The log was then on the rail of the escalator and then fell off.  As it fell, I worried that it may destroy something or hurt someone.  But to my surprise, there was a beautiful pond down below and it fell perfectly into the pond.  I awakened myself in laughter and Holy Spirit spoke, “Things are falling into place.”

The bike represents how our spiritual leaders help us to move forward in our journey.  Such givers to God’s Kingdom.  As they pass things on to us, we will make mistakes and fall.  But as the tree trunk fell right into place, we always have a place in the church of God.  Things are falling into place, in His awesome way.  Jesus is the Tree of Life.  Even in failures, He is making such beautiful things.

On March 11, 2022, I dreamed of church fellowship.  We were outside at our spiritual leaders home.  In the night sky, I saw a tall lamp flying high in the winds.  It then landed peacefully right next to me.  So I decided to keep it. I took it inside of their home.  Later I went back to grab it. Amazingly, it was surrounded with lots of different gifts.

The lamp in the wind represents how we mustn’t be tossed in the wind.. We are called to be grounded in love and unity.  God bestows favor and blessings. Our gifts are to surround the Light of the World at His Throne.  That’s how we further His Kingdom.  May we shine One light together.

On April 16, 2022, I dreamed of being in a school.  A man was trying to convince me of his truth.  He looked like he truly cared, but my spirit wasn’t in agreement.  I then prayed with him.  He began to cry, then went to get his Bible.  He gave me a flower, then walked away.

We are to surround ourselves and others with God’s Word and prayer.  Genuine and loyal to God, the enemy flees.  Holy Spirit floods, hearts soften to Jesus. 

On April 17, 2022,  while in prayer.. Holy Spirit so tenderly said, “There will be heartaches.  Share in the joy and heartaches with me.  I have given you people to not just celebrate with, but to also ache with.  Don’t run from it, embrace every part of Who I am and what I’ve done.”

Have you watched The Passion of the Christ?  It is a movie of Jesus’ crucifixion.  I didn’t want to watch the bloodiness of Him on the cross.  I still don’t want to ever see that scene again.  I’d rather skip over to Easter and His resurrection.  Many of us aren’t comfortable or sure how to grieve.  But in our grieving, there is Hope.  Hope is Jesus.  Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans, that if we are to share in His glory, we must also share in His sufferings (Romans 8:16-18).  Jesus was teaching me how to embrace every part of Him.  From the bloody cross, to the resurrection. Every part of His life with mine.

It all comes down to who Jesus is and what He has done. He is about serving and growing others into His fullness.  Just as our head controls our body, Christ is the Head of His Body, the Church.  We follow His leading.  As the Body of Christ, we are different and unique.  But called to function as one for The One.  When parts are broken or hurt, the whole body hurts.  Our family needed healing and to help others heal.. We were called to return back to our home church.

The fullness of Christ means overcoming and growing together in His goodness.. So that His love and His Word continue to be passed down.  Generations of God are built up through us as His people. But we must humble ourselves in obedience.  I believe meaningful discipleship and close relationships grow best when we are committed to a local church.  

If we need healing, open up and reach out for prayer. Church is about fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters.  Caring for each others soul.  Being accountable in God’s agenda. Functioning together to follow Jesus.  Committing to loving and growing together towards Him. 

We have costly Christianity, not serve me Christianity.  Personal preferences must submit to Kingdom preferences, Jesus.. Submit to what the Lord is doing in your local church.  We don’t submit to a doctrine, but to leaders and to God.  Psalm 133 shares the biblical principal on unity.  To have a better family community, we must choose unity.  When we covenant with a biblical home church, God commands a blessing.  Spiritual intimacy thrives in unity.

It’s not wrong to watch YouTube pastors and hear Christian podcasts.. But if we only stay home, we’re getting and not giving.. When we give with others together in Jesus, God truly works in and through us.  Serving alongside with Jesus, we discover so much more.  We become a vessel to support others and meet needs.  As Holy Spirit moves within our hearts, we grow more caring and compassionate.  More in tune with our Lord for others and the nations.  

I grieved when I witnessed churches breaking apart.   But I learned that church isn’t just for you and me.  Church is for Jesus.  Coming to Jesus is free, but it will cost us everything.  We sacrifice to follow Him.  But He’s worth it.  Unending measure to Him giving of Himself.  He pours extravagant love like no other.  Our God rejoices over us with singing.  He doesn’t stop thinking of us.  He desires us to be His people and for Him to be our God.  We were made just for Him.

We go to church because we love Jesus.  Loving Jesus means loving the things He loves.  Jesus loves the church and so should we. We are privileged to attend church.  Other countries risk their lives for their faith.  Our enemy doesn’t care if we go to church, but he doesn’t like when we are the church.. Church isn’t just a physical place, it’s truly us as the body of believers.  It’s living out Jesus and sharing the gospel.  Serving in truth and love.

Do you feel you’ve been lost along the way?  When the Shepherd has 100 sheep and loses 1, He will leave the 99 for you.  This is how passionate and wild our God’s love is for you.  Which is more vulnerable, the 99 sheep or the 1?  When sheep are in flock, they’re much safer.  You are valuable.  If you need to return, let the Shepherd find you.  He and His sheep will celebrate your return.  Losing something of value and finding it again calls for celebrating.  Healing and rest are in His Hand.  Know His Voice.  Rediscover the joy of life with Jesus.   

Many know what it’s like to be hurt within church, but do you know what it’s like to be found again?  Do you know the beauty of forgiveness and reconciliation?  Church means counting the cost.  Jesus paid the highest cost.  With His life, He paid for church.. All in His love for us.. He paid for all our sins, for our redemption.  Because He died, we must die to ourself.  And now that He lives.. May we honor Him by living in His grace with one another.  Jesus and His salvation are the greatest gifts.  Day by day, sanctified.  When we as children of God unite in our Lord, we grow deeper in love with Him.  Gifting and anointing are released all for His glory.  

Be sure to honor those in your church who have been standing firm. It’s not easy to persevere. Forgive not just others, but also forgive yourself. I hurt when I remember my prodigal ways. But I remember the words our pastor spoke at a service.  He said, “You belong.”  We belong together as church family.  Praise God.

As our Father corrected my heart to see more of what He was seeing.. I realized just how much I love my church family.   How special and important it is to stay connected. Reuniting and gathering, the Lord reignited my fire for Him and His Church. I love my local church and would love you to join us.  Jesus is beautifully and powerfully present. He has His way. Our pastor and his wife are always laying down their lives for others.  They are welcoming and warmly lift us in the love of Jesus.  They’ve shown me so much how to live like Jesus.  We are growing with the best spiritual elders and siblings in Christ.  As we remain in the Vine together, branches and fruit grow.  Trusting in God makes us like a tree planted by water.. Growing spiritually healthy together in Jesus Messiah.  When our hearts are aligned together with our Lord and Savior, the gates of hell shall not prevail.

Let’s remain rooted and watered in our Yeshua.  Growing and nourishing through the Holy Spirit. Let’s keep shining, dreaming, discerning.. Learning, healing and ministering.. Delighting in what He is birthing.. Loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.. Glorifying the One who is worthy of it all.  


  1. Omg sissy thank you for sharing what’s on your heart such a blessing and hear your testimony. God has given you this gift and continues to blossoms you in your faith❤️❤️❤️❤️


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