Goodness & Mercy Follow Us

Aloha beloved ~  

The Lord has graced a dream to share with you.  May our God of Glory bring you comfort and revelation.

Dream :  On a mountain with lots of people, the ground began to crumble.  But only where I stood.  No one attempted to help me.  Everyone watched as my part of the mountain collapsed.  I began falling.. and falling..  As I fell, I was not afraid.  Hands pressed together in prayer.  My soul was kept in peace with our Jesus.  So much faith.  I was about to touch the ground on the most gorgeous and glorious pasture.  God’s grace held me and put me down so gently.  As if I was a feather being placed softly into the grass.  Dwelling in His Presence was overwhelming.. I got up and walked, so deeply with the Holy Spirit.. Splendid beauty all around.. Quiet waters.. Perfect love in spirit.. I knew His pleasures were forevermore.. Being with Him was all that mattered.

May we accept His invitation to let go of the world and rest in Him.. Walk in Psalm 23.. His Goodness and Mercy follow us.. Beyond amazing.. Oh how He cares, helps us, leads us.  Our King pursues us with relentless love and grace.. 

Called to be set apart, we will not always go with the crowd.  We are to follow Jesus with all our heart, soul and mind.  He is the path of Life.  Dearhearts, when we fall into God’s love.. When we are so in love.. We will desire what He desires.. It looked as if the people on the mountain were on solid ground.. Physically, yes.. Spiritually, no.  They did not go with the Good Shepherd.. In the natural, it looks safer to stay with the crowd on the mountains.. But in heaven’s eyes, there is something far greater on the other side.  

To those who watch us.. may they see Jesus in us.  It’s not just about how different we are, it’s about The One who is different.

Even if things around us are collapsing, pray.. The Shepherd protects His sheep, His grace is limitless.  Our Jesus goes before us.. He has a place prepared for us.. Do not fear.. Do love those who will not help you.. The King will bless our faithfulness.

God’s loving-kindness is with us always.  He is so loyal.  None like Him.  Brothers and sisters, abide in His contentment.  What an honor to know that we will live in His house for all eternity.   


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and timely dream.

    Let us continue to pray, yield, believe and obey so that the spirit of God can shepherd us.

    The blessings of the Lord rest with you and your Ministry.

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  2. The Lord has been telling me that this year will be about separation from the world for those of us who will pursue Him. Not because we are at war with the world (as some seem to be assuming) but because we are at peace with the Savior. We must make the world and its events a non issue and pursue the Kingdom of our Lord and Christ.

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  3. Sis, I love your dream. You walk with Holy Spirit so deeply. It’s amazing to see how things Shift in the spirit.

    “When we are so in love.. We will desire what He desires..”

    ~ 👆🏻 “This is so true, we love and we desire more and more of his desires.”

    Thank you for always reminding us to rest
    in him. ❤️ Love you my dearest sister 😘

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