Prophetic Warning + Encouragement

Hoping to write blogs on regular things like “Daily Time in the Word” or “Beauty of Fellowship”. But I feel the Holy Spirit leading to release another dream. Believing this is for His Church..

Dream 1/19/21 : Just a still vision.. Two huge crystals. One was a bowl. I was told it was an amulet. Another was like an earth and I was told it was an omni amulet.

Upon awakening, I wasn’t sure what an amulet was.  I googled it and learned that it is a form of magic to protect against danger and evil.. Onni means in all places and ways.

The omni amulet represents how the enemy is trying to cover all the earth in a spirit of witchcraft.. False truth.. An antichrist culture.. The bowl represents people.. Bowls are to be filled, so we can put things inside.. To eat and drink to live.. Many bowls are covered in spirits not of God.. Being filled with deceit, manipulation and idolatry.. 

We must be putting on the full armor of God.. Meditating on His Word day and night.. Overflowing with the Holy Spirit.. Authoritatively praying against the spirit of evil trying to cover all of the earth.. Pray that the spirit of God will cover all of the earth in His love, light and glory, in Jesus Name.. What life food are we filling our bowls with? May it be Jesus and Jesus alone.

I understand a lot of prophets didn’t get things as thought. May we not judge in unbiblical ways.  People have lost faith because their words did not come to pass.  This shows how much is looked to man and not God.. How much hearts need to be more devoted, learning in the Bible.. Hearing from the Holy Spirit ourselves. We are not to despise prophecies.

May prophetic messages be served and received in love and honor of Yahweh.. To build us up as His Bride.. To help keep our oil full and our lives on His narrow path.. Remaining faithful to Jesus. All is for His glory.

The Lord in His perfect love encourages and warns us.. This is an exciting time.. Do not fear man.. Beautifully fear God in reverence and awestruck wonder.. Our Father cares. He is working all things out in his ultimate kindness and goodness.. To reveal and bring breakthrough.. But it’ll be a ride.. 

We have entered a time where evil has been tolerated for so long.. that it’s become normal for others.. And even celebrated.. Brothers and sisters ~ People must see Jesus living within us.. Hope of glory.. Dwelling in us as His believers.. Church, lets pray without ceasing and discern with wisdom from above.. Walk in the Holy Spirit.. Abide deeply in His Word.. Keep your hearts pure.. Make your entire life a sacrifice of praise to Him.. 

Our Abba didn’t create us to just sit back and watch the movie.. We are citizens of heaven, His babies. He is empowering us to partner with Him for such a time as this.. Seek His face with all your heart.. Worship and proclaim our Lord is Jesus.. Rise and thrive in our Saviors love.. 


  1. True Prophets are far and few between because many spent their time prophesying materialism instead of faith and truth. Please do not lose heart in your ministry. For it is in times like these believers really need to hear the truth whether they want to hear it or not. Poor Jeremiah went through the same thing. (Jeremiah 20:7-13) That same Jeremiah spoke on these prophets.(Jeremiah 23:9-40) So you be encouraged and stay in the faith. Blessings and Peace.

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  2. Beautiful blog. Great wisdom! ❤️
    Yes, May we pray against the spirit of witchcraft!!
    May we move forward and keep pressing on 🙌🏼

    Thank you sis for sharing your prophetic vision.

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  3. Be careful whenever you encounter “magic” or amulets. These things hold no power for or against believers in Jesus. Then you get into some really good stuff: meditating on His word day and night. If we fill our minds with His bread, we won’t have room for the junk food of the world. 😉
    Considering living in The Presence, I blogged back in August of 2016 and August 2017 on this theme:
    Blessings on you, brother.


  4. Amen and so true. Proclaim the truth as the Lord gives it to you. Amen… operate in the blessing of the gift. I receive all that you have said from the Father as His mouthpiece. This is the time to not be fearful but yes be prayerful and alert. Placing the full armor on at all times… amen.


  5. The more we believe Jesus’ return is near, the more we need to be about the work of the Lord. There are many still lost without hope. We have the message of hope living in us. May we speak it boldly in love.

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  6. This caught my attention: “He is empowering us to partner with Him for such a time as this.” With trouble brewing around us on all sides, THIS is an exciting reality to embrace! May we be hyper-sensitive to the Spirit, so we can seize every opportunity to be His hands, feet, and voice, following His lead.


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