Letting Go

~ Dedicated to my sweet sister in Christ Cherry ~

God is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17

It was Christmas Eve in Hawaii.  One of my best friends stopped by with her family.  Her name is Cherry.  She is mentioned in quite a few of these blogs.  How wonderful it’s been to see her and her family throughout the years, especially this year.   I am so grateful to have a friend who is family.  I thought she had just stopped by to drop off gifts.  But Cherry and family ended up spending much of the day at our home.

Sis Cherry and I

Now, my old place wasn’t as clean as I’d prefer.  Do you have friends like that, where you let them see how you really live and who you really are?  What a blessing.  Our kids got along great.  They joyfully did their own thing and had such a blast.  The mommies got to have beautiful conversations and pray and pray and pray.  

Our children ~ Christmas Eve 2020

Cherry asked if the Lord had given a prophetic word.  I hadn’t thought about that or asked God for one.  But immediately in that moment, I saw the words “letting go.”  We are to live in faith and not fear.. Be wise.. Seek God’s heart.. Live our lives for Him and in Him.. Completely trusting Him.. I believe we can only do this by learning to let go.. 

Letting go doesn’t mean just sitting on the sidelines and watching events pass us by.  It means giving up our will, to rest in God’s will.  To empty ourselves and be filled with Him.. His strength,  freedom and love. I was a bit embarrassed that my home wasn’t guest-ready.  But I let it go. God’s will was for us to spend sister time together.  For our kids to build lovely new memories.  For powerful prayer to be released.  For the Holy Spirit to be flooded into the atmosphere.  For us to just delight in Jesus. So that this blog could be shared with you and others.

Such gladness in letting go of all our stuff, God shall have His way.

“He Leads me on Paths of Righteousness.” by my friend and local artist Karla Sumner
A framed Christmas 2020 gift from hubby

May we do this with every part of our life ~ moment to moment.  Surrendering everything to the Lord,  His favor.  Obeying His leading.  Being in true contentment with Jesus. No more of a wandering heart, just dwelling in His heart.  The Joy of knowing Him.. Being totally present in His Presence.  

Each day is a new day to intentionally renew our mind.  1 Corinthians 2:16 shares that we can have His thoughts. Romans 12:2 tells us to let God transform us by changing how we think. Receive His Grace upon Grace.  Let go of being wrapped up in anything not of God..  Be wrapped up in Jesus so well, so hidden and tucked in His Heart.  

Watching our children play, they didn’t have plans on which toys they played with next.  They didn’t beg us to unwrap the presents that were right there as they played.  They just enjoyed what was there.   Their hearts and spirits were lifted simply because they were playing together..  They were satisfied with their mommies being in control and thankful for all that was before them.   When it was time to go, they didn’t want to say goodbye.  But they submitted and parted with warm hearts.

Remembering that Christ came to earth as a little child, how He surrendered it all.. and let go for us.   I think of lyrics from this song :

How many kings, stepped down from their thrones? How many lords have abandoned their homes? How many greats have become the least for me? How many Gods have poured out their hearts.. To romance a world that has torn all apart? How many fathers gave up their sons for me? Only One did that for me.

– How Many Kings by Downhere –

Jesus our One Thing, the Only One. He surrendered and gave Himself for us.  God let go of His Son for us.  For all of us.  Those who love Him and those who hate Him.  Jesus.  Wow.  He is Worthy of it all.  Do you receive JESUS ~ Ultimate Gift?  Do you receive His gift of letting go?  We have the privilege to yield to Him, pursue holiness.. Through the Holy Spirit, King Jesus makes His home in our hearts.  May we let go of this world and be in full communion with Him. 

Living CHRISTmas each and every day means remembering what He did for us and why.   God Himself became a little baby.. to take it all for us.. To lead us in the way of Truth.  So that we can live a redeemed life in Him.  Because of Him, we are born again to Living Hope.  Beloved, ask Him to show you how much He loves you.  May He reveal to you more and more how much He gave for you.  When your heart grows in deeper understanding of this, your life will desire to give so fully to Him.  Nothing is sweeter to know that you are His and He is yours.  

We let go because no longer do we live, but Christ lives in us.  Embrace Jesus.  In faith live through Him.  Nothing compares to His great love. Overwhelming joy and blessing are yours in His arms.  Accepting Jesus for who He truly is ~ You can’t help but want to let go of all other things. He loves you because He loves you because He loves you.

He won’t let you go.


  1. Awww my heart 😭😭😭
    This was soo good to read. Thank you sis for this blog. It really touched my heart.
    Yes and amen, “Letting go” what a powerful prophetic word. It was so much joy to be able to spend the morning with you and babies. Love you so much ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lovely thoughts! And good call on ignoring the imperfect house and letting your friend come to make perfect memories! Friendship is so important, and being vulnerable and honest with our friends is so important.
    Merry Christmas!


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