Through God’s Eyes

El Roi is a Name of God and means The God Who Sees.  May I humbly ask you these questions in love ~

Are you seeing through the Lord’s eternal eyes?  Or through temporal and deceiving eyes of the world?

Are you living in the Peace of God or are you always searching?

Are you saved or not saved?

We are in the holiday season.. There’s more to it than consuming trivial commercialism.  Many will celebrate Christmas with razzle dazzle, entertaining and glorifying a pretend man.  If you know me, I absolutely love Christmas and being festive.  But it is not meant to stop at pretty decorations and making people happy. This goes for our entire life.

May we not just blindly go through the motions. Let’s seek and learn together.

Why is there division and offensiveness in our world?  A cancel culture filled with brainwashing and a lack of common sense?  It’s quite simple and it’s always the same answer.

So here it is.  The greatest need in mankind is to return to God.  

What are we truly celebrating these days?  What is the genuineness to everything we are doing, pursuing?  How are we stewarding our callings?  Are we loving The One?  How is the vision of our heart?

If you read this blog in January, I dreamed of seeing the number 2020.  It was plain and boring.. looking helpless.. And then suddenly God’s glory lit up and poured out. Gorgeous fireworks from heaven.  Splendor of His love, thundering His Spirit. The voice of the Lord said, “Just because you don’t see it… doesn’t mean it’s not there… It means you haven’t seen it yet in it’s fullness.”  God showed me seeing with my own eyes.. Then through His Perfect Vision.  

Many dreams are filled with the biblical message to have eyes to see and ears to hear.  

Another dream was shared. I saw a light but didn’t understand until I got closer.. It was Jesus.  As I focused on His Light/Him.. then I could see.. and hear..

Only with the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, we are in a time of reposturing and going deeper.  We need to get closer to God.. And if you don’t know Him, well I encourage you with all my heart.  He’s running to you ~ 

Receive God’s free gift of Grace and Salvation.  Jesus.  Though the Holy Spirit.  It can be as simple as A, B, C’s ~

A – ADMIT you’re a sinner and need the Savior, Jesus Christ.  

B – BELIEVE in your heart that Jesus died for your sins.. was buried.. then raised from the dead.

C – CALL upon the Name of the Lord  and be saved.  Jesus.  Trust that He is Lord.


See through the Lord’s heart, hear His voice.  Follow Him and Him alone.  Grow more and more in knowing Him.  Let Him be the One Thing.  Desire Him and walk in Spirit with Jesus.  Only then will you know the Truth that will set you free.  You shall be set apart and oh life will still have storms.  But as you abide in Him, He will give you Peace above it all.   Everlasting love and joy are yours.  You can take heart and overcome all things.  Because you are holding the Hand of Jesus who has overcome it all.  

Keep your heart fixed on the Light of the World.  His Word is the Light unto our path.  Showing us the way, shining into our being.  Greater than we can think or imagine.  

Brothers and sisters, the spiritual is the greater reality.  Delight in God’s eyes. See His Holiness.  Grace.  Hope.  Purpose.  Healing.  Revelations.  Value.  Freedom.  Blessing.  HIM.

Eyes of your heart open to Pure Love. See His Goodness forevermore.


  1. We are “objects of His mercy” and always will be. Remember He chose us first.
    Thank you for encouragement and prayers.


  2. Seeing through the eyes of God, can lead us to a blessing and prosperity, but seeing mainly with our own eyes, can lead to disappointment and deception…


  3. To see through the eyes of God, we have to keep our eyes on God. We have to keep our gaze and focus on Him. Let’s fill our homes, hearts, ears, surroundings, everything with Godly sounds, words, and thoughts and it will help us to be mindful to see through the eyes of God. Thank you so much for this reminder. This has encouraged me.


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