Slow Down for God’s Beauty

“Splendor and majesty are before Him, strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.” – Psalm 96:6 

 Surrounded by so much beauty each and every day.

 Here in Hawaii, we say Happy Aloha Friday each week.  Happy Aloha Friday to you all.

This morning, I was running late to take my daughter Hayley to preschool.  She and her baby brother Elijah had just gotten buckled up in their car seats.  And then I remembered the “Get Well” card that Hayley had made for her friend.  It was forgotten on the kitchen table.  I asked if she wanted us to get it.  I knew had I not said anything, we could’ve been at school quicker.  But Hayley made that card from her heart and was excited to give it to her. So we all went back into our home to grab that card.

Buckled them up again, ready to go.. But then.. wow wow wow.. the sky.  Behold, the sky.  I hadn’t seen it like that before.  Yikes we were already late.  Well, I grabbed my phone and snapped a few pictures anyway.  And just basked in the glory of God’s creation and who God is, His nature.


We got to school and I wasn’t asked to get a tardy slip – whew.  Thank goodness Hayley’s teachers are the sweetest.. They adored Hayley’s heart for her friend to get better.

While driving from the school, I saw a woman whom I see almost each day at around the same time. A kupuna (Hawaiian for elderly) and she always seemed so grumpy and down.  She slowly walked and starred at the ground.. what looked to be such nothingness.  Each time she was seen, I prayed for her as we passed.  Holy Spirit softly whispered that people are in our path for reasons.  Then suddenly, kupuna stopped walking and lifted her head.  It seemed to happen in slow motion as I was driving closer to her.  She then raised up her coffee cup as if giving me a “cheers”.. And she had the biggest smile on her face.  She was starring right at me, twinkling eyes.  I smiled back and was in shock.  I wanted to run to her and ask if she likes banana bread  – to bless her.  But continued slowly driving and just starring back at her, smiling.  My heart was bursting with pure joy.

To have someone that you are secretly praying for that you don’t even know.. Somehow seeming to wake up and then smile at you for the very first time.  Seeing her smile for the very first time ~ It was the most beautiful smile in the world.  

 True beauty begins inside. – 1 Peter 3:4

Beauty is within us and all around us.  Right where we walk or drive each day.  Know in our hearts that ~ life is being present and enjoying what has already been given.  Keep your eyes focused through heavens eyes.. Oh the loveliness that will fill your heart.

I was late taking Hayley to school, but thankful for it today.  And I think her friend will be as well, as she receives her card with so much love inside.  It’s not all about being perfect, God has grace.  And His timing is the greatest.  Stop being in such a hurry.  Let beauty surround you.  Keep praying for others in your heart, anyone in your path and truly just anyone.. And just you wait and see.. how joy pops up on you..

Blessings of beauty and joy pour over you right now in Jesus Name 🙂



  1. That sky is incredible!! And I love how you take the time to see God at work. It’s hard to do as a busy Mom!! Your kids see it though and someday they will do the same. Thanks for your gentle reminder to SLOW DOWN today ♥️

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  2. What a great God and Creator we have! Not only do we get to enjoy the beauty of this world, but one day we will see the immense beauty of the new heaven and new earth! 2 Peter 3:13 “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”


  3. This story is very beautiful. I’m often in a hurry but when God’s beauty catches my eye. I stop to slow down and marvel at his wonders. He created a beautiful World. God Bless you and your family.


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