Dream Messages from Daddy God

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Dream ~ 1/31/19

I was riding soo fast on a toddler bike and having the time of my life.. I jumped over the biggest things that were in my path and popped wheelies everywhere.  When I stopped, I mentioned the weight limit of the bike to a friend.. Supposedly, I was over double the limit.

Dream ~ 1/31/19

Glorious gold lights raining down everywhere.. Bright * twinkling * shining * gently ~ raining gold lights..  I heard a song that had played in another dream before.. where Jesus was pursuing me.. It was also the song where I had seen those gold lights in real life for the first time.. as Hillsong sang it, the very first time I were to hear the song..

🎶 Jesus

Light of heaven

Friend forever

His kingdom come 🎶

Dream ~ 1/31/19

There lay the Holy Bible…. but suddenly little brown spots formed on the pages – seeds and roots… and then leaves and trees began growing from it.


I saw the number 2020…. but it looked plain and boring.. And then suddenly great glory poured out from it.. It was the most beautiful shiniest gold lights and more wondrous than any fireworks show.. Through 2020, Spirit of God brought joyful wonder beyond amazement and there was peace…. And then God spoke…. “Just because you don’t see it… doesn’t mean it’s not there… It means you haven’t seen it yet in it’s fullness…..”

Soooo awesome is He.. our Mighty and Everlasting King!  And there were even more dreams on New Years Eve and New Years Day.  Many dreams of being in His presence.. And a few days later.. a dream of clothing another in His love.

First dream on the bike ~ I was journeying with a childlike faith.. not putting limits on God.. and how that brings His glory.. As the dream that came next… Glory was raining down from the heavens.. His song over us.. Jesus being so close with us……. And then the next dream of  His ALIVE and ACTIVE Word… And how it brings so much LIFE.  All of those trees are growing life.  Being in God’s presence and Word brings LIFE.

The New Years Day dream spoke for itself.  2020 is a year of God revealing His glory in ways beyond what we can see right now..  We walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Our Daddy values each and every one of us.. desiring us to deeply love and grow with Him.. To have fun and to have faith in everything.. Lets praise Him through it all..


We must choose each day and moment to live this way for Him.  The dream of clothing another in His love..  I had two shirts that I gave to two women… As I gave them the shirts, suddenly one of the gals was already wearing it… She was glowing with so so much joy.  Her smile was full of pure light.  The other woman was still holding her shirt and did not have joy.

We must choose to put on love (Colossians 3:12)… And let Jesus in us give others love… so they can wear it and be covered in it..

As we get older, doesn’t it seem that the years begin to fly by faster?  Yet we are but a vapor here compared to eternity.  In Gods eyes, we are His little kids.


Lets be free in Jesus and know that as He is limitless.. so shall our faith be.. Let Him present Himself in whatever way He pleases.. And even in the mundane times.. know that there are always fireworks whether we see it or not… We will still put on His love and walk as His beloved.. As we do, may others be inspired to do the same..

Every year belongs to the Lord, as do we.  Our Daddy God made us all for His pleasure.  Rejoice that He is good and good good things are coming our way.

Our hope is in the One who makes all things new.  Praying that He will bless the dreams in your heart and dreams as you sleep.  As He watches over you, the best Daddy to us.  And when you awaken, may you clothe yourself in His love for a blessed day ahead.  Each day and night is a blessing from Him.


No need to wait until New Years Eve to celebrate new beginnings.  We can celebrate that His mercies are new every single morning.  If you are reading this, He is not done with you yet.  How great you are in His eyes that He knitted you together, knew and loved you long before you were in your mothers womb.  He has messages for you, all for His kingdom purposes.  I encourage you ~ spend time with Daddy God.. and share your dreams together.

As He continues to breathe life into you ~ waking you up to another sunrise…  Be blessed, thankful and… walk into what He has for you.  Happy New Year  ~ Happy New Every Day!

Dream Big.jpgBecause we have a BIG GOD ~ 








  1. I’m an avid dreamer, also. I love receiving messages from Abba in the night and hearing of others dreams.
    Btw, I wondered how you selected your blog name. You’re so right, live each day to the fullest for His glory.


  2. […] People will become a stronger Church.. awakened.. Many will be saved in Jesus Name.  Thank you Jesus.  There will be such a rising in Church.. And as my leader saw in that vision, so much new life.  If you read my blog on the dreams God shared on New Years Eve, I saw so much new life as well..  I drew a picture of it.. God also shared a dream on how important it is to have a childlike faith.. Here is the link to that blog. https://yourlastdayonearthdotblog.wordpress.com/2020/01/13/dream-messages-from-daddy-god/ […]

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