Benefits of Family Vacations

B418A763-545F-477A-81AE-D15A004ACE62Do you love looking back on memories from past vacations?  Maybe you enjoy planning them too?Here are some great reasons to save your money.  Going on a family vacation means…
💛 New adventures & experiences
💛 Learning about other cultures
💛 A break from stress and mundanity
💛 Bonding & connecting with family
💛 Helping to raise self-esteem
💛 For kids ~ may enhance brain development
46AED7D6-C365-4018-B3E9-571E57A4B06CMy family and I live in Hawaii – very beautiful, very expensive.  Our daughter is 2.5 years old and our son is 7 months.  A staycation here is stress-free, fun and easier on the budget.  We love to go to the Disney Aulani Hotel.
8113F7EB-29A2-4F25-B6FD-40F95BE9C768When the kids are older, we plan to limit more on toys and material gifts.  We want to give them more experiential gifts.  Perhaps a trip to the movies or to Disneyland.  I think good memories with time spent together is better than a toy that they will soon outgrow.
In this day and age, so many people.. adults and kids.. are always on their electronic devices.  Life isn’t about the newest this or that or coolest game or show.  It’s about relationships.  When out together, perhaps enjoy a hike, have a meal, explore a new place.  Be in the moment.
Isn’t that what vacations are about?
Here are some pictures from our most recent family vacation.
Ocean therapy 
Just chillin
Great rest 
Building these lasting memories can be such happiness anchors.
Collect memories, not things💛


  1. Aww such precious memories with the family sis💕glad you enjoyed your staycation at aulani..its always worth getting away and having family time☺️


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