A Prayer for Our Babies🙏🏻


When your children sleep, pray for them.💛

Watching my children sleep always brings such peace to my heart. As they nestle in their blankets, I can’t help but pray.

Dear Lord of Heaven and Earth,

Thank you for our precious children. I pray for mighty protection wherever they may go. It is a world that is only going to get darker and darker. I ask that you shine a light in them that will always guide them back to you.

Father I ask that they would grow up to follow the ways of what is righteous and true. Give them the strength to be okay being different. It seems that so many people fight for things that really don’t matter. I ask that they be fighters for the good fight. That above all the chaos and selfishness, that they would first and foremost love you and love others.  It is love that conquers a multitude of sins, love conquers all.

Help us as parents to be prayer warriors for them as there is such power in prayer. May we set up an atmosphere for miracles in Jesus Name.

The future is uncertain to us and only you can foresee it. We know we can’t do it all, and one day we will have to let them go. But we rejoice in knowing that you are Lord of all. You are everywhere and with each and every one of us.

We may not always understand your will for our children, but we trust that you are perfect and good. You promise us a future and a hope that is better than anything we can dream.

When they sleep each night, I am reminded of what a precious gift they are. And how deep my heart loves them. We are grateful for each and every breathing moment.

As we love our children, you love us as your children. You are such a marvelous Creator of such wonder and love. You are glorious. God bless our children. We love you.

In Jesus Name,




  1. Awesome blog. Children are gift from god and they love us no mater what. The smiles can brighten any ones day. The pictures are cute


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