Children of God ~ Sound the Trumpet

Children were blowing shofars.  A sea of trumpets in an enormous stadium.  A shofar for each child.  Many blew their shofars, others searched for theirs.  Some were in a state of panic, others were lost.  So many precious children.  I awakened from my dream.  It was September 4th of this year, a holy time of Teshuva.  Jewish days of repentance and turning deeply to righteousness. The next day, I had another dream.  The world had frozen.  Home in our apartment, I walked to open the front door.  Stepping outside, I saw snow and ice. Right here in Hawaii, it blocked the stairways and balconies.  We were trapped in our building.  I looked at neighbors’ doors.  Big spiderwebs covered their doors.  Ours didn’t have any.  Holy Spirit shared that when things froze within the storm, witchcraft was being exposed.  The enemy had made marks.  Although there was a storm around us, what peace that our family and our home was protected and set apart.

If our door isn’t marked by evil, it doesn’t mean we are exempt from tribulations.  Every believer must fight the good fight.  I absolutely love the people who are near us.  Witchcraft doesn’t only mean mediums and warlocks.  It can be spirits operating in anyone, unknowingly.. Pride, bitterness, control and manipulation.  1 Samuel 15:23 mentions rebellion and stubbornness as idolatry.. Be not deceived.  Get delivered.  Help those around us and allow them to help us.  God’s power is at work and able.  Armor up in Yeshua.  Be clothed in His Light.

Having shared dreams throughout the years about the spiritual war we’ve always been in.. What’s to come is going to be greater.. We must have supernatural, genuine faith.. Glory will pour as we are obediently trusting our God.

Being a Messianic who almost died many times.. Truly here by the grace of God..  As your sister in Christ.. I wholeheartedly tell you that being in close relationship with Jesus is everything.. Stay in an intimate atmosphere of prayer.. Children blowing shofars symbolize the children of God, us.  Biblically, the shofar means a call to war.  It means freedom.  To awaken us and to listen to God’s Voice.  Book of Numbers Chapter 10, 9th verse says when we are in a war, we are to sound the alarm of the trumpets.. Then God our Lord will save us.. Shofar blasts are commands in the Torah. Just days away from Rosh Hashanah, we ask God to forgive our sins.  May we prepare for the new to come.  

To blow a shofar, we take a deep breath for air to blow out and make a sound.  We must be so strengthened in our Lord that it is His Breath that bursts out for others to hear.  Pray for all of our world and especially our neighbors and all whom are around us.   To hear our God.  For everyday people, for all whom we love.  All need Jesus. Be compassionate to everyone.  Take care of your family and those the Lord has placed in your path.  

Keep your oil full.  Beware of distractions that don’t lead to deeper things of God.  Honor the Lord’s anointing. Take time to pause and look around. Remain where He has purposed you.  Yahweh Shalom sanctifies. Keep learning His Purifying Word.  Read Your Bible and know the Author for yourself.  Bless others with gifts of prayer and the Bible.  Fellowship. Praise the King alongside one another. Live the gospel. Tell of salvation in Christ. Be humble, embracing souls. Grow in faith.

My child had a beautiful dream on September 7th.  We were in a heavenly church.  A woman was singing, “Here comes the Bride, He’s ready.” A cold storm is around us. Bride of Christ, keep our eyes on the Bridegroom.  The gospels share that Jesus tells us to be ready.  Matthew 24:44, it could be any time.  Rejoice in hope.  Our Lord of Lords and Savior, Mighty God and King of Kings.. He is carrying us each day in His mercy.  Holding us in Everlasting and Powerful Love.  How exciting to be alive in this time. Chosen and created in God’s eternal love story.  Beloveds, Jesus Himself intercedes for us.  Many are praying for you.  You are loved by Yeshua and His kingdom family.  Be filled with Holy Spirit.  Loving Abba, always thankful.  Listen to His Heartbeat. Ride His Breath.  God bless you forevermore.


  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! Indeed, Christianity isn’t supposed to be about religion, it’s about a personal relationship with Jesus (Yeshua Hamashiach)

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  2. This was a good word. I thought about how the spiderwebs on the unbelievers’ or those with strongholds homes is a contrast to how the Jews had the blood of the lamb over the door posts and sides of their doors in the old testament, during Passover, which symbolizes how believers have the blood of the lamb (Jesus) applied to the door posts of their hearts.

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  3. It sounds like we have has similar experiences, our Mighty God has saves me from death lots of times, the first time I drowned and saw the lights of heaven before coming back. I have also had to learn how to deal with demons and I’m so grateful to our Lord Jesus that He certainly has power over all the power of the enemy. I have had lots of amazing dreams and visions. Take care and merry Christmas.

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    • Aloha, brother in Christ. It is neat that you asked. I’ve just recently turned on my blog notifications and haven’t responded to my readers in quite some time. Hoping to go back and respond to comments. As my notifications are on, I saw your question and all while writing a new blog right this moment 🙂

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  4. I watched a Russian Orthodox video by uncreated light press. It said that the Jews who reject the anti-christ in the very last days will accept Christ and certainly go to heaven. Pray for me, a sinner.

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  5. Loved your post. It resonates so strong in my spirit. May Yahweh bless you beyond measure and Ruah Ha Kodesh envelop your body, mind, and spirit. Continue to blow the trumpet for all need to hear it.


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