Heavenly Light

Dedicated to all who loves someone in Heaven….

A few days ago, I lost my spiritual mom.  What is a spiritual mom? She is someone who opens up her heart and life to you, trains you up in the things of God.. She sticks with you in the good days and the bad days.  Nurtures your spirit. Walks alongside you and puts you on her shoulders to see more.  No one takes the place of a biological parent.  But a spiritual one deeply desires you to grow in heavens ways.  

The most beautiful woman to hold my hand with Jesus.  I called her Mama Sandy.  Most caring and world changing social worker.  No birth children.  Mentioned being too sensitive for romantic relationships.  Mama Sandy left the workforce to gladly serve the Lord more and more.. Her life was full kingdom ministry.  She devoted her heart to families such as my own.  Most prophetic prayer warrior, always flying in God’s extravagant love.  Committed to being Jesus in skin.

Mama Sandy

I cherish how we met.  I was in ministry school.  She appeared out of nowhere and said, “The Lord has this for you.”  She took a deep breath and blew wind into my face.  I fell to the ground and was in shock.  Holy Spirit filled me.  I got up.  Signs and wonders were part of my life.. But this was truly weird to me.  She said, “Have faith, don’t overthink it.  He has more.”  She blew on me again and it was such a mighty wind.  I collapsed and fell into prayer.  Such a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit.. I accepted that Jesus is supernatural in His unlimited way.. Not my boxed up limited way.. Mama Sandy was right beside me.  She shared John 3:8.. “The wind blows wherever it pleases.  You hear it’s sound, but you cannot tell where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

Writing this to you, beloved reader.. I’m outside on my balcony..  Sipping chai tea in my quiet little lavender garden.  The wind has just began blowing so strongly.  May the wind remind you that just as we can’t always see or know where it is going.. So it is with the things of God, we don’t always understand His work.. But the Holy Spirit is always moving.. Illuminating more and more of His truth..  

From that moment with the wind, Mama Sandy began discipling me.  Seeing His fire burning.  I’d no one to help raise me in more of what He desired.  How amazing that she was led to help steward gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I longed to have a mentor who could understand me.  Prophetic life is great intimacy and delight with the Lord.. Excitingly witnessing others marked by Jesus, being so set apart.. Seeing Him encourage and strengthen in wisdom, faith.. Impartations, healings.. bringing forth gold within.. But there are lonely times too.. Heavy, hurting things you see.. That happen just as the Lord said they would.. Burdens to keep laying down, fully surrendering.. Feeling so different from the world and only at home in Jesus’ Presence.  But then I had a spiritual mama.  What a treasure from above.  Thankful for every single moment the Lord gave.  Together we prayed, shared stories of how real Jesus is, spent late nights laughing on the phone.  Dancing in miracles, revelations and perfect moments with our King.. Asking for warfare strategies, discerning spirits, listening to the voice of our God.. Grateful for all of our heartbeats in each others life.. 

Spiritual mama and I

Mama Sandy always wanted to take me to painting dates at the tea house, church conferences, to have lunch and bless my family.. Oh how I wasn’t ready to let her go.. Aspired for more time.. But, Jesus’ timing is perfect.. I took it hard upon news of her being departed.. But Holy Spirit comforted me and my husband, Clarence, miracle after miracle.. Clarence also loves her so dearly..

Around the hour that she passed, Clarence saw a huge rainbow filling the sky. He had just finished work. He is not one to drool over rainbows. We live in Hawaii and they happen all the time. But this one was very different. It was extra big. Incredible, phenomenal. Parts of it opened a unique bright light. Looking like heavenly doors.

The next morning, Clarence was reading from our daily group bible study. It was about Jesus being light. The scripture was from John 1:4.. “The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.” After reading those words, the solar lantern right above him turned on.. That lantern doesn’t ever turn on because it doesn’t get enough sunlight. It hangs for decoration or if an emergency shall arise. I’m sure you know that solar only turns on when it is dark. That lantern turned on in the bright sunshine of day. But it didn’t turn on as a regular light, it shined much more. Having those same lanterns outside, we know what they look like when lit. It miraculously turned on.. Divinely brighter, bursting with brilliance and splendor. As if heaven was saying hello. Hubby was amazed. Just when he finished his bible lesson, the light turned off.

It happened to me later that afternoon.  I had just finished worshipping and praying in my bedroom.  A vision of Mama Sandy dancing with Jesus in a heavenly sunrise.. I thanked the Lord for His comfort and kindness.  That He is by our side.  I walked to the sunny living room.. It was beaming with light.  The lantern light was on. Intensely bright. Later that evening, I was reading my devotional on our balcony.  Learning more on Jesus’s Names, Light of the World.. I looked up and the first thing I saw was the brightest star.. Then one by one, all four of the outside lanterns turned on.. Logically, the outside ones are supposed to.. It was beginning to get dark.. I picked up my phone and a scripture popped in my face.. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105.. I had forgotten that my homescreen was set on that scripture.. In simple and all moments, His Word is alive.. He is The Word, He is Light.. 

That night, I rested in our bedroom.  Tiny and dim fairy lights draped the black curtains.  Suddenly, the little lights grew brighter and extremely radiant.. Shining and lighting up the whole room.  A most dazzling flash of lightning.. Jesus loves when we remember that He is the Light.. To keep shining for Him.. Even in our broken hearts.. He is magnificent, joyful, fun.. He is our Bridegroom, right beside us.. I fell asleep and was blessed with a dream..

I dreamed that Mama Sandy was in the hospital.. She took her last breaths.. Then she was in Heaven.. Marvelously clothed in white.  Gorgeous, exuberant, twinkling.. Her eyes were so big as she shouted, “Wowww Heavenly Homecoming!!!”  Then I saw Jesus walking towards her and she was running to Him, shouting His Name.  I can still hear her joyful voice as she was about to embrace our Heavenly King.  Holy, holy, holy.  Glory, glory, glory.  I didn’t see Jesus’ face, but oh His Presence.  Perfect power.  Pure peace. My heart and mind still can’t conceive how triumphant and honorable He is.  How worthy He is to be eternally adored.  Deserving of all praise. Our King who is Love awaits for us.  

Walking by faith and not sight, His light will manifest the greater reality.  You will see the unseen, everlasting spiritual things.  Days before my spiritual mama went to Heaven, I dreamed of a sunrise.  Representing how the Son of God rises like the sun, bringing light to us all.  My last text to her was a picture of a sunrise in sunflower fields.  The one in this blog. I shared how proud our Father is of her.

Family of God, we have so much to celebrate. Jesus is our Living Hope.  There will be weeping and need of grace here on earth, but joy and mercy comes with every sunrise.. In losing one of my most dearest loves, the Lord has brought such breakthrough in who He is.  Light of life.  In Mama Sandy’s very last days, she requested worship music to be played.  She ministered to the doctors and nurses as long as her body allowed.  Nothing got in the way of loving others.. She loved Jesus more than life itself.. She was His light and always will be.. 

Let the Holy Spirit bring power and light in your life.  Not our ways, but His ways.  May the Light of the World shine into your heart.  Follow Him on the path He brightly lights.. Until we are face to face with the Risen One.  Bright Morning Star.  Lord of Heaven and Earth, King Jesus. Our Giver of Life and Light loves you.


  1. Wow. This is so beyond beautiful and precious. I’m sorry you lost your spiritual mom. I’m so blessed to read all that she’s done for you over the years. She truly was a “savior” to you and your family. What a beautiful person who embodies Jesus. ♥️ I will treasure this one because I feel the love of mama Sandy but the perfect love of Christ in your words. I love you sis. Keep writing and striving to be the light in others.

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  2. What a beautiful testimony about your spiritual mother. What a blessing to have been aprt of her life. So sorry for your loss, buti know Sandy is smiling and dancing before our Father God with no sorrows. Thanks for sharing Sandy’s unselfish life and love for for Father God.🥰

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  3. That was a beautiful tribute. I’m sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had something very special with her. And it sounds like you’re receiving some of that beautiful peace that passes understanding that the Holy Spirit gives. And as far as the bright lights…isn’t amazing what God can show us when we need it? I hope your memories of her continue to bring you joy.

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  4. This is so beautiful 🥺🤍 Every detail and moments with Sandy, Joyous and so full of love. Amazing signs and wonders. Such a mighty power woman. Rejoicing & rising in Jesus❤️

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  5. Beautifully written! She was such an amazing person and still remember what she prayed with me about and her word for me when I first met her. I still remember the prayer I said for her and that you shared with her and how she was gonna keep that prayer if she made it out of the hospital. She is well loved and her love for Jesus was pure and joyful. She will be missed dearly 😢

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  6. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your pain. Although we’ve never met, it is a beautiful reminder that we are truly sisters in Christ and will both celebrate with your beloved Sandy one day. What a blessing to have actually known such an incredible woman here in this life. May our loving Father continue to bless you so richly.


  7. People like Mama Sandy are such gifts from God. And what a blessing to see her with Jesus in your dreams. I love it when that happens. I dreamt of my mother and mother-in-law in heaven. I joined them for a while, and we made flowers – thousands of flowers! When I had to go, I said it was so wonderful being with them again – “I thought you were dead!” The two of them looked at each other and burst out laughing, as if this were the funniest joke ever, and my mother said, “Oh honey of COURSE we’re not dead!”


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