I Love You Daddy

Hayley was trying to write “I love you daddy”.  It was the last part she wanted to do, on the car drawing she joyfully made for her dad.. Her dad loves working on cars.  Hayley was upset that she made a mistake with a lower case “i”.  I tried to help her.  But I got frustrated that she had drama over how to fix it, recreate it or leave it.. 

Our Heavenly Father is so kind with us.. He gives freedom to make choices, and embraces us as we let Him help.. He doesn’t give up. He equips us in love and shows us the way to go. Step by step He lights our path. Hayley is a five year old child of God. She chose to fix the “i”to an “I”, then wanted to recreate the mistake. I left her to have all the time she would like.

When I returned, there was a wet spot on her drawing, from a teardrop. It broke my heart. I told her I was proud of her for finishing the artwork, despite a mistake she didn’t like. She used to be so hard on herself that once she made a mistake, she wanted to start all over.. She’s actually come a long way.. I forgot that she’s growing in patience with herself.. How can I teach patience unless I truly walk in that fruit myself?

I apologized and hugged her.  I got out my dry erase board and pens.  I drew out what happened.  Then I drew out how next time we will be more patient and kind when working together.  She sweetly smiled and agreed.  Her spirit came alive again.  I drew out how amazing her art is, how she is writing new words all on her own.  That learning is usually really fun, but we all need grace.. I am newly homeschooling her and her little brother Elijah. Together we will learn, be challenged and celebrate the journey.

Hayley had turned her letter “I” into a beautiful heart. Then she tried to write a sentence all by herself, “I love you daddy”. Although there was a mistake, It was absolutely perfect.

Shortly after this, I rested with her and she napped in my arms.  I felt so bad.  But I realized I have to get rid of the small “i”, which is myself.. And let the Lord’s heart cover it, His heart over mine.. And then just say, “I love You Daddy.”  We can rest in His arms and start afresh.. I am so grateful to be His child and am trying to parent my children in His love.  

He is greater than I.  He must increase, I must decrease.   Now, let’s dry our tears.. Let’s create afresh with Him.. As we let Him lead, we will see more and more of Him.. And oh how we need Him.. Let Him fix and recreate.. Let Him turn our mistakes into beautiful things.  We can start by telling Him, “I love you Daddy.”


  1. We all different and we all learn in different ways we just need to work together and Jesus knows each and everyone of us. Also our actions before it will even happen. It’s a matter of repentance when we know we messed up. We all grow from our mistakes. Awesome blog

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  2. This is a beautiful story and a powerful point. God must look down on us sometimes and smile when we obsess about something that we didn’t get perfect. It’s the thought—the “I love you, daddy” that matters most. Blessings !

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  3. Oh my goodness 🥺😭😭💕💕 this was such a sweet message. Love it sis! Hayley is just so so so special. So beautiful! ❤️❤️

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  4. A beautiful, heart-warming post. I love the way the ‘i’ was transformed into a heart. It sets me wondering how God can redeem the ‘adult mistakes’ we make with poor concreting, wallpapering – or even in relationships. Thank you!

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