Love Jesus Like Never Before

Grace and peace to you, beloved.  This is a burning and urgent message from the Lord for the times we are in.  Praying for ears to hear and eyes to see.  We come against political and religious spirits, casting out pride in Jesus Name.  Holy Spirit let us humbly fall to our knees. Would You intimately speak to each heart. Spirit of God lead the way.  All is for Your glory, King Jesus.  

When Jesus issued the Great Commission, He was clear that signs shall follow those that believe.. That in His Name they shall cast out devils and speak with new tongues.. They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them.. He said they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. In John 14:12-13..  Jesus said that he who believes in Him will do works that He does also. That they will do even greater works..  He will do whatever we ask in His name, that the Father may be glorified in Him.  Again, all is for His glory.  

Ephesians 3:19 tells us to live in the fullness of God.

We have the victory in Christ our Lord. Jesus wins. According to His Word we are to occupy until He returns. This means to truly honor and bless Him with opportunities He gives us. While I am able to type this to you ~ With every breath, I will praise Him with each button I press to become this letter.. I’d like to witness to the one reading this who does not yet know Christ because beloved.. He knows you perfectly.. He loves you and brought you here to share of His coming judgement. To joyfully learn of His love and plan of salvation.. Believers of Yahweh, this is for you to be equipped and encouraged.. May we all journey deeper and deeper in furthering His Kingdom..

It is time to sound the alarm..

Believe, speak and agree with the Word of God. Don’t put the Holy Spirit in your own preferences. Let Jesus move as He pleases. Here’s what our Father wants to release. These are dreams He’s revealed and the time is for this very hour ~

War on Marking our Minds : Distract, Deceive, Destroy

The Great Harvest

Obadiah’s in Divergence

Rapture : Set Apart for Glory

Supernatural Faith

War on Marking our Minds : Distract, Decieve, Destroy

July 2019

A massive crowd was watching a corrupt teaching of a false Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit revealed in my heart that it was wrong. Suddenly two planes came to the window. Their plan was to break the glass and crash inside. The people watching the program were so distracted.. They did not even see or hear the planes. They had become brainwashed and continued to stay seated and watch the teaching. Sadly, they were so deceived. So much that they couldn’t see what was right in front of their eyes to destroy them. My husband and I rushed with a friend to go down the elevator, before it would shut down. We prayed the whole way down. After saying amen, our friend glowed and said amen. She is not saved in real life, but in the dream she was. Out of all those people, just the 3 of us were saved in Christ Jesus.

Running back home, tons of small warplanes were in the night air above us. They shot bullets down, but beautiful aerial fireworks would appear. The fireworks distracted people all around, deceiving them into believing they were watching such beauty all around. But the hidden, evil agenda was to destroy. Such mind control, many were brainwashed. Some were high and many were partying, unaware of what was truly happening.

We made it home safely, then rested.  Morning came.  We went outside to minister God’s Word to Christian friends.  They did not make eye contact with us and were unforgiving of one another.  Distracted by emotions, they did not listen.  I then heard a clear voice saying, “Whoever has eyes to see, let them see.  Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”  I woke up because the power of God was absolutely amazing and striking.  

The planes represent evil and deadly distractions. Things we see and hear.. What we are watching or being taught can deceive us so much that it can change our whole belief system. Once that happens, the enemy’s plan is for people to be destroyed. This doesn’t go for just those who are not believers. The Bride is under attack. The mentored friends represent the distractions of emotions, division in the Body of Christ. How much our eyes, ears, heart must be open to His Word and Voice. Know the real agenda. Be marked in God’s love and wisdom.

“Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of you how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.” Romans 12:2

The Great Harvest

July 2019

The next morning, I had a beautiful dream of hands spreading lots of seeds into soil. The time to sow is now. The rain is coming. A great harvest. We come into agreement for the gospel to reach every tribe, nation, people and tongue.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:15

Obadiah’s in Divergence

January 2021

I dreamed of the word “divergence.” I Immediately woke up, it was morning. Totally didn’t know what that word meant. I don’t recall hearing of it. A few weeks later, I dreamed of the word “Obadiah” along with hearing the Lord say it out loud. Again, I immediately woke up to morning. And also again, I didn’t know what it meant. I don’t remember hearing that word before. I googled it and learned that divergence means a drawing apart. Although I read my bible daily and am doing my first ever yearly plans.. I didn’t know Obadiah is a Book in the Bible. The shortest old testament book. About pride and judgement on nations. People of God, we are to be set apart. Truly have faith because God never forgets us. We are very different from the world, especially in this season. Remember what Jesus has done, stay true to Him. He is Deliverer, Overcomer, Lord of all.

“For the day of the LORD is near for all the nations. Just as you have done, it will be done to you. Your dealings will return on your own head.” Obadiah 1:15

Rapture : Set Apart for Glory

April 26, 2021

My husband and I were home. We heard the loudest thunder and quickly went outside. We saw a field of sheep and dogs. But the dogs ran away and were separated from the sheep. Lightning filled the entire sky from the east to the west. The sky fully lit up in glory and stayed that way. I kept saying that Jesus is coming soon.

In the dream, I saw dogs and sheep. Matthew 25 talks about a separation of sheep and goats.

“For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” Matthew 24:27

Supernatural Faith

May 16, 2021

My family and I were on wargrounds in Israel. Diabolic men were all around. Merciless, barbaric. Sick in spirit, strategic in work. In this dream, I knew the Lord was with us because He spoke within the lands. He said, “I know you’ve dreamed of visiting Israel, how you love it here. But it is not time right now.” My family and I had to part. We were trying to escape. The devil himself was there. A demon spirit came near my son Elijah and I. I covered my whole body over my child. But God was there. He told me that the only way to be saved was through supernatural faith, His miracles. We can’t do it in our own power, only by the Power of Him. He protected us in our great faith in Him. No weapon could prosper. If God be for us, who can be against us. Hallelujah.

“The LORD will keep you from all harm — he will watch over your life.” Psalm 121:7

We can still have abundant joy in perilous times. But we’ve got to humble ourselves as Obadiah teaches.. Because there is so much divergence. The Holy Spirit is moving in reaping such a gorgeous harvest.. Walking in signs and wonders of God is daily life, small glimpses of heaven opens. But I can’t imagine the glory that awaits. Our God is faithful and as His Bride we are in covenant with Him. Until we go home, evil will prowl around. We absolutely must have supernatural faith in Jesus.. I declare this with everything in my spirit and I pray you really get this in your spirit.. He loves you! Please let that saturate fully into your heart.

Our God who is King wants your heart. He came right here to earth for you. Jesus just longs to have a tender and real relationship with you. Let Him embrace you and show you that He is with you. He brings grace, carrying perfect peace. That’s just who He is. He longs with all His heart to take your hand into His. Give Him each and every part of you.. Each thought, your entire mindset. Let Him guide you into your very special calling and purpose.. Obadiah means worshipper of God.. May the Spirit of God lead you into ministering truly and purely to Him.. There’s so much He wants to show you.. Let us live being saved by grace alone through faith alone..The One who is mighty to save has chosen you. Not by anything we’ve done, but because of who He is. Repent, confess He is Lord, be saved by grace through faith. Let His heart become home in your heart.

May His holy fire ignite a passion to seek Him like never before.. Pray like never before.. Have faith in Him like never before.. Be transformed by the Holy Spirit like never before.. Keep close to His heartbeat like never before.. Love Him like never before.

“Now to the one with enough power to prevent you from stumbling into sin and bring you faultless before his glorious presence to stand before him with ecstatic delight, to the only God our Savior, through our Lord Jesus Christ, be endless glory and majesty, great power and authority ~ from before he created time, now, and throughout all the ages of eternity. Amen!” Jude 1:24-25


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to reread Obadiah!
    I was reading Isaiah 44 this morning and was reminded of verses 24-26 as I read your dream. I felt led to share it…:)
    “I am the Lord, who has made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself, who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviner’s, who overthrows the learning of the wise and turns it into nonsense, who carries out the words of his servants and fulfills the predictions of his messengers…”
    And as you wrote:
    “May we all journey deeper and deeper in furthering His Kingdom..”
    Amen! ❤️

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  2. Powerful words. I especially love the ending verse. We do need to stay strong and close to God… We need to be listening to him. It’s so easy to get caught up in the messages we hear daily from the world. Blessings to you! 🤗🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jesus is working thru us we just need to stay together in his word so when time comes we will get to be with our savior and have eternal life the most wonderful gift he gave us

    Liked by 2 people

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