Missiles of Love

A Hawaii woman of Jewish ancestry here. I’ve supported Israel however I can. Prayer, ministry, businesses. Middle East conflict is very complicated. Long history of tragedies and devastations. May we learn more. Pray for protection, discernment and righteousness. If you’re a true believer of Jesus, you’ll understand that the fight is not just flesh and blood. There’s so much more..

We truly can’t afford to miss the point. Whatever our thoughts and feelings are, there is something so much greater.. In time, every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess ~ Jesus.. Religions can cause wars.. It was Pharisees that thought Jesus was the devil.. Many call themselves Christians, but their hearts do not know Jesus.. He can be right there in a miracle, yet they think it may be the devil.. Lack of intimate faith limits so much..

I’m in love with Jesus and that may offend others.. I desire to encourage, to speak truth in love. I love you all. I do so very much. But I love God so much more. He loves you so much more.. It’s time to wake up and smell the Holy Spirit.. To be alive in our salvation and burning with missiles of love. The One who is Lord is Love..

I am led to share this not just because of the war happening with my people so far away.. But because of the wars that are happening right here within our very own hearts.. Let’s love one another deeply and compassionately.. Our lives here are yet a vapor compared to eternity.. Beloveds, Jesus is Amazing.. He is Peace. Fullness of Joy. Comfort.. He is Healer. Savior and Redeemer, our Forever.. Be filled with praise and thanksgiving. In Him is everything we need and so much more.. Don’t let your heart be troubled.. Purify yourselves from wars within.. Pray for brothers and sisters for their wars within..

Jesus we pray Your Light will shine over all of the darkness.. May Your Love drown all of the evil away.. No more letting You pass us by.. We will fight against the war of blind hearts.. So that more and more will see Your Heart.. And be free, so victoriously free in Your Love. Amen.


  1. Absolutely beautiful and so much truth. I’m an American through and through and can’t begin to understand all the physical wars that they endure there. But I CAN understand the spiritual warfare that’s ongoing in everyone’s lives all over the globe. We have to put our trust in Jesus and love Him with all we have! 💗💗

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  2. I love your passion for Jesus, your strong desire for everyone to know Him and experience Him. With you I pray for Israel, specifically Psalm 122:6-9. God bless you as you spread the fragrance of God’s love!

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  3. Such a beautiful blog sis. I love the title “Missiles of Love” it’s everything and more.
    May we pray peace and love on both sides.
    Love all the photos! 💕💕


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  4. “Wake up and smell the Holy Spirit” – I love that! Could hear small kine pidgin in your “voice” and love that too! Mahalo sis. (From a currently landlocked sistah. Don’t judge by the blonde hair, God has a sense of humor is all I can figure.)

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  5. Beautiful words of Truth. I have struggled with how to pray for friends in Israel and all. Thank you so much for this. And thank you for connecting and bringing me here! What a wonderful gift this morning—


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