Rise Up Eagles

Letter to Bride of Christ

 Holy Spirit shared three dreams.  The first one was of an eagle inside by a door, looking weary and unwell.  On the outside of that door, Jesus was knocking.  Woke up as the knocking was startling, prayed.  Fell back asleep and in the second dream, there was the same eagle at the door.  But more sick and near death.  There was no knocking at the door.  I woke up.. prayed.. fell back asleep.  Then lastly I saw a clear name and face.  I woke up, didn’t know who that was.. but she sounded familiar.  After googling her, I learned that she is a top spiritual advisor in American politics.  So prayed for her.. and our governmental leadership..  

Beloveds, the eagle is our national bird.  God is knocking on the door of America.  May we have ears to hear this.  As in the first dream, the worn out eagle heard the knock.  There was no ears to hear in the second dream and it led to such sickness.  I believe the eagle represents America, freedom and strength.  What will happen if we don’t answer the door? Let’s pray for life and revival – for the world. That we open to Him like in Revelations 3.. Brothers and sisters in the faith, let’s pray more. I believe the spiritual advisor represents our responsibility to pray Truth for those in authority.  Have confidence in what God is doing through all of the rulers.  

Mighty and authoritative prayer is rising. God’s prophecies will pass. Some may prophesy incorrectly.. Let Abba be Judge.  These people may love Jesus with all their hearts, but are still growing in the gift.  The only perfect one is God.  I do not consider myself a prophet, but I do move heavily in the prophetic moment by moment.   It’s just how my relationship with God is.  A way Holy Spirit encourages myself and others as yourself.  If you’ve been following this blog throughout the years, you will see that many of my messages come from dreams.  A handful was given on the Eve of this year and our God spoke on faith and glory.  Especially in times where it doesn’t look like it in the physical world.  

The enemy wants to bring sickness, oppression and death to America.  As that eagle warned and symbolized.  But keep this hidden deeply in your heart ~ God is Healer, Redeemer and Eternal Life.  We must hear Him and answer whatever Door it is He knocks on.  And, stay in an atmosphere of PRAYER.

Isaiah 40:31 ~ But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

When an eagle is about to soar, what has to first be done?  This is what they do.  They take a big leap off the cliff!  Then they become one with the wind.  Will you take leaps of faith for our God? Will you let His Holy Spirit carry you like the wind?  This is a time of leaving our comfort zones.  We are not called to be weak eagles.  We are to call upon His Name above all Names and fly in power, strength and victory.  To live on higher grounds as they do, rest our minds heavenward.  

Precious children of God, His ways are not ours.  His ways are so much greater!  May He have His Way.  Our Deliverer and Restorer, His purposes prevail.  He is Jehovah Tsidkenu, “The Lord our Righteous.”  We shall hope in the Lord.  Trust Him completely.  We wait and remain in obedience, humility and repentance.. He will strengthen and renew us.  Beloved family of God Almighty!  Take heart ~ We. Will. Soar.  Amen.


  1. Thank You for reading my post, We truly do have a God leading us
    and our nation and world. You are doing what He commands us,
    carrying the gospel into all the world and He will return. You
    have a beautiful website!

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