Look Up Child


Beloved children of God ~ Are you asking Daddy what He is doing?  What is on His heart?    What are His dreams?  Let’s ask Him these questions so that we can partner in whatever He is doing.

This picture above makes me think of Lauren Daigle’s song, “Look Up Child”.  That song is about God being in control and oh He is.  He is shaking the nations to bring His children to Him.  He is doing soo many new things..

Yesterday as my kids napped, God came through in such heavy glory..  His message is for all ~

Last year at school, I was in prayer.. and I felt the ground shake.  Rumbles and waves beneath me.  Powerful and amazing, yet terrifying.  I thought it was an earthquake and looked around.. I was confused that nobody else felt it.  I asked the director of the school about it and shared this with another leader.  I’m so glad I did.. Because the next message in class was all about God’s glory.. People of religion may say that if anything spiritual is confusing or scary, it’s the devil.  But guys, could that be why others do not encounter the Holy Spirit?  Having little faith and putting God in a box .. What is convenient and comfortable for you and your limited mind..  Why would our God breathe on that?

The ground shaking ~ It was the beginning of many miracles of God.. that would then begin happening around me.. and then my husband and family.. Seeing more of what God sees..  Holy Spirit is now manifesting in ways that are so new.. He is so beautiful.

A few weeks ago, one of my leaders at school had a vision of myself surrounded by ground that was shaking.  And this shaking broke up the old and lifeless, and brought up newness and life-giving.. Water went into the cracks and she saw new life spring up.. and green grass, flowers and plants.. She felt the Lord was telling her that trembling would happen just as I took steps.. and that like a tsunami, it would ricochet and have impacts across the world. So my new name at school is Ground Shaker.

As she shared this in our small group, I told her about that earthquake encounter. And oh the joy of the Lord, we all laughed in awe of God.. As she and our friends knew nothing about it.

So coming back to yesterday.. I was praying in my quiet living room.  With kids ages 4 and 2 napping ~ a golden moment.  As I listened to Spirit of God, He embraced me.  His presence was overwhelming and I collapsed to my knees and wept.  His heart was so deeply on mine that I became so weak.  But when we are weak, He is strong.  He let me in on His secrets.. in our secret place.. He confirmed that I am His Ground Shaker.. because He is shaking us!  And He lives in us.  Saints, you are Ground Shakers of God too!

This is what is God’s heart.. These are His dreams.. This is why He is shaking us!  We are in a war.  But do not be alarmed.. God has a perfect plan.  If there is any fear in you, cast it out.  Pray with another person and may you be delivered, in Jesus Name.  God does not want us to fear, He is raising us up.  Rather, we should be excited because.. victory is already ours.  His power is in us.  God has got this and always has.  He loves us sooo much that he is shaking us, shaking His children… He loves us!  He loves you sooo much.  He wants you to choose Him.  So he shakes you.

Perhaps He is shaking while you are sick, socially distant, jobless.. or fragile, lost, losing control!  Turn to Him, He is always waiting.

There is beauty and healing in all of this shaking!  God wants our first ministry to be our family, to start in our own homes.  He is restoring marriages.. and the family unit. Prodigals will be coming home.

People will become a stronger Church.. awakened.. Many will be saved in Jesus Name.  Thank you Jesus.  There will be such a rising in Church.. And as my leader saw in that vision, so much new life.  If you read my blog on the dreams God shared on New Years Eve, I saw so much new life as well..  I drew a picture of it.. God also shared a dream on how important it is to have a childlike faith.. Here is the link to that blog.

Here in Hawaii, we are under a stay at home order.  My kids ~ Hayley and Elijah.. They have been loving our time together..  They used to ask why they can’t go to certain places.. I’d share that many people are sick, so we have to help one another get better.  Kids are told that Jesus is here and wants His joy in us, no matter what.  After that, they would not worry about a thing.. and went back to playing their hearts out.  They get so excited for anything new, even if they don’t fully understand it yet.

Childlike faith and trying to embrace God’s thoughts.. That is my heart for us in all seasons..  Encourage one another and may others find rest in us, as they see Jesus within us.  My spiritual mom and dad are especially unique and brilliant, with Jesus hearts that always refresh and bless others.. When I see them via technology, their spiritual presence brings so much peace and joy.  I am no longer sad that I can’t be there beside them.. I’m grateful that our family has shared so many moments with them. So thankful for them shepherding us and still shepherding us.. all with The Shepherds heart.. We are just as close if not closer in Spirit.. But we look forward to the day we can hug again.

Brothers and sisters, when we all return together.. I believe the Church will be even more compassionate and following Jesus with such renewed hearts.  Let’s pray over all of this in one Spirit.. Above all of the chaos and brokenness.. Remember that God is good at His job..  He will not ever forget His kids.. For He has a perfect plan for each one of us.  He will come for us, that day will come.

Let’s speak Jesus over loved ones and beyond ~ for supernatural love and protection.  We are in this together with our King by our side forevermore.  Even in all of the shaking, know that our God ~ He is unshakable!  And after the shaking, wow how the Church.. the Bride.. Us.. How we will arise in Him.  Hallelujah.

Daddy God ~ we are Your Ground Shakers!  As you are shaking, use us to shake more for Your glory.  May our hearts be Your vessels to shake those who have idols.. Holy Spirit shake idols so they fall off of their false thrones, so that peoples eyes will see Your Throne God!  You are the true God!  Raise up families for Your Kingdom.  May more and more be burning for Your heart.  Come Lord Jesus, we just want You.  Amen.

Jesus preached so much about repenting, because the Kingdom of God is here.  Follow His commands and live so purely in His love.  Beloved of His, turn your face to Jesus.  Find joy and holiness.. rescuing.. as you look up at Him..

He’s right there, next to you.  
Look up child.



  1. Aww sis 😭 this is very very beautiful!
    I love every detail! Love the pictures too. Sis they look so happy and full of so much joy. 😌💕 I agree and come in agreement with everything, lots of restoration and revival is happening. So so good. Love this ❤️

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  2. I love your message to your children about Jesus wanting our hearts to be in His joy no matter what. This truly is a unique time to seek God’s heart and learn His perspective. Thank you for the encouragement to allow Holy Spirit to do as He pleases with us. God bless you and your family with peace, wholeness, and provision.

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  3. Thank you. Your post expresses the heart of the Lord so well. Wonderful things are happening in the world right now that bear His distinct authorship. He said we must be as children expressing pure faith and joy knowing our heavenly Father has everything under control and will always take care of His children. Blessings to you.

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  4. nice uplifting thoughts and thanks for sharing


    Thanks for the follow(s) …and/or like(s)

    I just realised my days are determined and lead down paths from the feedback by my readers and followers around the world, like you. So thanks for the input.

    All your comments and feedback encourage (greatly), uplift and even inspire me to follow “this road less travelled”.

    I love my days “interacting with you’ guys and gals’ (and anything else in these PC * days-very)”

    “sleepy-head and totally non PC” craig

    “the world’s fourth worst writer”




    * and definitely NOT a police constable)


    “Driven to uplift, encourage and (perhaps even) inspire”


    …”of chaos” (in the “real world”, so says “the nurse”)


    Together, one mind, one life (one small step at a time), let’s see how many people (and lives) we can encourage, impact, empower, enrich, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials ¦and strive for and perhaps one sunny day even achieve their wildest dreams.

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  5. I started feeling the ground shaking in 2015. I thought it must have been from an earthquake across the world. Since then I have felt it three or four more times. You post has offered me a new perspective 🙂
    Lovely blog, thank you for the follow!

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  6. Have you noticed that the enemy of Covid-19 is not a regiment of renegade soldiers invading the lands…but God himself is providing warfare. Affected Nations have no mortals to blame. God is trying to get everyone’s attention. He alone is pleading with us to repent, turn to him and to live an exemplary life aligned with his Son, Christ Jesus. I so agree with the last paragraph of your blog. (By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.)

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  7. the words flow so well, the ease with which it all flows, very dreamy,it is so uplifting, be blessed you and yours,amen, just hold the space inside, and don’t allow others to fill you with hate, thanks again


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