You are the Light of the World


Yakking away in phone conversation with my aunty, what a relishing time.  She shared her heart for Jesus.. His calling for her.. and all of us.. Suddenly I saw a vision of her standing at the very top of a hill.  She was bursting with joy and life.. Her hands and face raised to heaven.. Smiling in radiant and splendid glory.  She was in the light of God. Wow.  I interrupted her talking and declared what was just revealed.  A city on a hill can’t be hidden.  She is a light in this world, we are the light of the world.

Holy Spirit whispered into my heart ~ Jesus is coming soon.  I thought yes Lord.. how soon?  Hours?  Years?  After grandchildren?  There was no answer.  It is not the Fathers will for us to know the very day and hour.  But it surely is His will for us to be ready.

That very night, I had the most incredible dream.  In darkness, I saw the cross shining like the sun.. on the very top of a hill.   It was so bright that I mostly could only see light.  I kept glancing closer and I began to see that it wasn’t just a cross, it was a person.  It was Jesus.  He was standing and glowing with a light that lit up the whole city.  It was like He was surrounded in the beauty of a thousand bright rainbows.. and holy fire harmonizing altogether.  And then I heard His voice saying that we are a city on a hill..  We are one with Him.

We are one with Him.  

Sisters and brothers, let us not be blind to how blessed we truly are.  I pray right now.. May we awaken to the Light that is in us.

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus spoke of us being this light.  When we walk with His heart and in His Name.. He makes us shine.  As His church, we are His city.  City of God aka beloveds, we must represent our Jesus.  2 Corinthians 3 says that we can all draw close to Him if we remove the veil from our faces.  I see that there’s been a veil over much of the body of Christ.  It is time to fully give our hearts to the Lord.  So that our veils will be lifted.. And we will be transformed and one with Him.  

Jesus is the hope of the world.  He lives in us.   He is for us and always has been.

We are said to be living in a world crisis.  When I hear those words.. There is a burning in my heart that is shouting ~ Awaken!  Revival!  Come Lord Jesus!  Encounter us in Your love like never before!

Daddy, Precious Daddy.. You are good.  We celebrate You each and every day.  All our praise is Yours.  You are moving and we believe more are overcoming darkness and coming into Your light!  Would you breathe on Your bride, us.  We lay our veils at Your cross right now, in Jesus Name.  And we look at You.  May we be fully turned to You.  Ready for you.. Worshipping You.  

There is not much time.  Help us to be diligent with all that You’ve given us.  Let Your church arise ~ let us not hesitate to follow You boldly and sacrificially.  It’s time for the world to see not just how much we need You.. and how powerful You are.. But.. how much You love us!  And how much we love You!  

You are why we walk faithfully and confidently in such a time as this.   Let not witnessing of fear, anxiety and brokenness be contagious.. But let witnessing of trust, peace and kindness be contagious.  Jesus we ask for Your love to be the most contagious of all things.  You are the light that lives in us.  Your love never leaves us.  No matter what happens in this world, Your Kingdom reigns.. Heaven is our reality.   Thank you so much Jesus!

Holy Spirit use us as courageous carriers of your glorious truth!  Lead us as believers to come together all for You.  We pray that all in our paths will see Your light in us,  for all to come to your saving grace.. For Your power of the cross to be alive in them.. everlasting salvation.  Redemption and love, so purely from You alone.  You are so much better than life!  Amen.

What an honor to be family together with our God.  We get to rest in Him no matter what is going on around us.  He knows our hearts better than ourselves..  Time is getting closer and closer to our eternal home ~ heaven.  Let’s serve with a heart of gladness and bright love.. May His light in us shine to the nations, people must know Him ~



  1. Amen and amen. We need to hear this word… and begin to act upon it in our thought life. Then we will being to revive. The Lost need to see the Shekinah once again reflected thru the depth of our intimacy with Jesus… and intimacy that transforms us into His image. Again- thank you! David NY

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  2. Love it! God is in us we just gotta let the holy spirt come in us and welcome it with all our love hold it close it is he loves us 🙂

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  3. For the deathly ill fighting for their life in ICU with Corona, I think they would take any way that works to cure them. Religion must be combined with science.


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