Almost Christmas


Rushing around, stressed out and Grinchy? Lots of people are this way around the holidays. While doing errands and visiting many businesses.. not one person said, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”.   No “thank you” or “goodbye”.  You could almost just smell all around.. Tiredness, anxiousness, frustration and so so much that is the opposite of peace and joy.

Jesus, come Lord Jesus♥️

Asking as the Lord’s servant and bride, what to do.. He spoke to just enjoy being with Him.. just enjoy time with Daddy.. and people will see Him.. From then on, I smiled and said, “Merry Christmas” to all who I parted from. And. Oh. My. ~ Faces lit up like night to day.. and each person said it back….

Two teenage girls at Sams Club were twinning in outfits. They looked adorable, although they had the most sour faces. I complimented on how beautiful they both looked in their matching shirts. And it was like the sour patch candy ~ going from sour to sweet. Looking back, I should’ve also commented on how beautiful their smiles are!


The entire atmosphere shifted ♥️

It looked as if others were shocked to hear, “Merry Christmas” or encouragement. But each time those words were shared.. It was such an incredibly delightfully spirited moment! Filled with so much brightness and glory! All Jesus love.

I personally know how it can get during this time of year. Two very young children in my care.. My husband who had left on a business trip – he is now back.. thank you Jesus. Running a baking business.. Tragedies and crimes happen all around loved ones and communities. Finishing up a phase of ministry school, amongst engagements.. commitments..

Learn to say no to things to say yes to other things.

Saying no to the spirit of joyless busyness to say yes to the spirit of joyful life. Saying no to working more and yes to more family. Saying no to religious watered down activities.. to say yes to naturally serving with great love.


Putting Jesus first means making time for Him.. resting in Him and His promises.. Not meeting expectations of the world and burning ourselves out. Even our Lord of Lords.. when in His earthly ministry.. He would go away from the crowds.. and rest.. to be in the presence and secret place with our Abba. When He served, it wasn’t only with church.. It was everywhere His feet would take him.. But most important of all these things.. was His relationship with Abba.

When we are not in a good place with Daddy God.. things sure can mess up with our spouse and families.. If we just focus on His love for us and love Him more than anything.. Guess what? You can best love your loved ones.. Because the One who is Perfect Love makes us complete and overfilled of His perfect love.. So we can pour out Him.. true love, from Him..

The King of Kings came down from heaven to earth.. as a helpless newborn baby.. The Lord of Heaven laid in a manger.. And grew up fully God and fully human.. Our all in all!  Dwelling with us! To fully relate with us.  Knowing His fate and mission.. that He who was sinless.. would die for for all of us.. all of our sinfulness.. He did not choose riches or prestige as many kings would.. He was a deeply humble King.. No greater sacrifice and no greater love.


Our King Jesus is  pure love.. We are made victorious in His love.. and set free from all of the sins of the world.. Beloved children of our Holy God, walk in love.. hold His hand.. How He smiles at us as we seek Him.. His love melts hearts and His glory brings us to our knees..

He was God in the flesh ~ Now sitting with God the Father Himself.. Gifting us His Holy Spirit to live within all of us who believe..

He reigns.

Jesus is so so so real. All-powerful, all-loving and.. All of us will see Him when He comes back.. Which eternal place will you go home to?  There will come a day where it will be too late to choose our destiny.  I say this with all love.. and pray with all my heart that you choose JESUS.

Heaven isn’t just where “good” people go.. We will never be “good enough” on our own. God knows this because he created us… And it is why Jesus came to save us and to become our Savior.

2025 2

The only way into heaven is by JESUS. We have to believe and be covered in His grace. No longer separated with God, but redeemed.. Our Savior came to save us from all this joylessness and Grinch behavior.  Focusing on Him and not our problems brings such supernatural joy.

And He will come back.

There is no other book in the world with prophecy as the Bible.. If you do not believe, I lovingly encourage you to read the Bible and embark on a research journey..  So much evidence and documentations.. witnesses.. archaeology.. True events that have come to pass.  So much still to come.  Open your heart to Him, believe in your heart.. There you will find a love so undeniable.

blessed-are-those-who-have-not-seen-and-yet-have-believed-quote-1 2.jpeg

Having faith leads you to the greatest blessings you could ever receive.

Our Jesus is triumphant! And when He returns.. He won’t be a helpless little baby… He will be a Warrior King!  Written below in Matthew 24:31  ~


In “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, the Grinch was so coldhearted.  He took away decorations, gifts, yummy treats.. and anything he thought brought joy to Whoville.  But the Who’s still celebrated in so much joy.  Like Jesus, they did not care about material things.  They understood that ~ Christmas is about what is in your heart.

This world has drifted further and further from Him.. and that is why the world has drifted from pure joy.. The true meaning of Christmas is about unconditional love which is found in Jesus.. 

The Who’s forgave him right away for wronging them.. And they accepted Mr. Grinch as part of their family..


In my heart, it was like salvation.  Once he saw the truth, his heart grew.. and he was changed.  He would then walk and serve in love.  Just as Jesus was born for us.. and as is our reason being born here.. for Him.

The greatest gift is JESUS.

Almost Christmas.  But don’t let just one day.. or a season.. be the only time you celebrate on these things.. Praying for us all.. May the true beauty and meaning of Christmas be engraved on the tablet of our hearts.. with every breath we take. He came down from heaven for us.. and has planted eternity in our hearts.. He passionately desires to take us home with Him..  Encounter and abide in the kingdom of heaven in your heart.. and there will be Christmas all the time..

Merry Christmas ♥️




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