Whiter than Snow

Opening the washing machine, I could not believe my eyes. My daughters brand new napmat for preschool ~ It was covered in hundreds of pieces of white fluff, pillow stuffing. The mat had a built in pillow in which it was completely sown in. But the stitching had ripped in the wash and.. yeah..

What a mess.

And then the Lord came through. He shared how much our hearts need to be washed. And when we let him.. soo much stuffing.. I mean, stuff, will come out.. Even when we think we are brand new.. and it can be messy.. But give him all those pieces and he will make us whiter than snow.  He will purify our hearts.

Rather than be a normal adult/mom and quickly throw away all the stuffing.. I gathered it and gave it to my kids.. Told them it was snow. I tried to sprinkle it all over them and it didn’t flutter gracefully to the ground.. It fell straight to the carpet. But my kids loooooved it and made little snowmen.. buried themselves in it.. and threw it all around.. danced in it.. They made snow soup.. played catch..

We are to have a child-like faith.

Rather than grumpily throw all of the fluff away.. like an adult.. We played with the snow.. like children..

You see, when we allow God himself to wash us.. to become filled with his Holy Spirit.. Stuff inside of us comes out and.. as we testify, he purifies.. and he is glorified.. Hope and blessings are poured out.  Bringing so much joy.. And how God loves to see joy in his kids hearts.

Give God the mess, let him cleanse you. He is such a kind and loving Daddy.  And then celebrate ~ For he is transforming your mess into joy, making you whiter than snow.. purifying your heart.


We live in Hawaii – no snow outside our door, ever.. And love the movie Frozen – ’twas a Frozen napmat that was destroyed.  But.. we created a snow party with so much beautiful wonderment.  That’s what Jesus does.  Our sure foundation and King of Glory.  His purifying grace covers us.. and brings love and joy in all things.

You are so loved and celebrated.  Love and joy are yours.  Amen.