Godly Friendship


Do your friendships glorify God?  Do others overflow into you and do you overflow into them?  Is there joy.. or is there mostly worldly things?

Many will say that good friends are hard to find and I do believe that is true.  We are still called to love all and to shine our light ~ to mentor others, have others mentor us, have sweet fellowship.. To encourage and uplift.. pray together.. keep each other accountable.

At church, we are taught as disciples.. to be one, reach some and make some.  The great commission.  The harvest.  We desire for others to grow in Jesus and that more will turn to him.. that all will seek him with all their heart.  Iron sharpens iron.  We love to serve.  But more than all of this, we just love Jesus.


We meet many people and make tons of new connections with others.  And as we are freely given from our Lord, we freely give to the Kingdom of God. We build each other up and minister to one another.. but is it only when we see the body of Christ on Sundays or when we hear of a crisis?  Are we really truly loving on our brothers and sisters as Jesus did?  Or are we just “being nice” because it’s what a good Christian does?

As  lovers of Jesus, do you have a friend who desires Jesus more than anything and powerfully reflects his Spirit?  Someone who loves you so much like Jesus.. that they will pour into you in such a way that.. It brings you to your knees.. and all you can do is give praise and thanks to our Lord.  And be drowned in his immeasurable love.

True friendship is Jesus love.

I am going to share a story of one of my best friends and I.  Praying that the lessons and blessings bestowed upon our friendship will be released to you in Jesus Name.

Cherry and I met many years ago at a 12 week healing seminar called LifeChange.  We were young.. unmarried, no children.   We immediately formed a strong sisterly bond and kept in touch throughout the days.  We shared breakthroughs, miracles, healings and prophetic dreams.  Went to church, gatherings, celebrated water baptism.. What a blessing to be journeying with the Lord with one another.

Years passed and Cherry went to a different church.  She moved to a new home and very close to our home.  We got married to our wonderful husbands.  I had a daughter and then a son.  And she had a daughter and then a son. Our children are close in age.

74486364_3631168153563687_6738185057514553344_nWith husbands and daughters 72768125_3634960923184410_4076704831908085760_n.jpgSons first birthdays

72768125_3635007579846411_2750200128089358336_nCelebrating CHRISTmas

Sister Cherry and I shared daily devotions each morning.  Holidays so memorable and special at each others homes with our families.  She would surprise me for no reason other than Jesus love.  Blessings of a new Bible.. gifts for a date night at home with my husband.. creating a beautiful blanket..

77304813_3631168296897006_1324422666882383872_n.jpg Our most treasured blanket, what a labor of love

We are very alike in many ways.  Left-handed and born just a few days apart, love the same foods, have the same favorite movie.. It goes on and on.. But more than anything, we are so in love with Jesus.  We mostly talk about JESUS.  He is King of our hearts.


Sounds amazing right?  Well yes it is ~ but only God is perfect, no friendship is perfect.. even one anointed by God.  Just because we are filled with the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean we are exempt from trials.  Cherry and I had a fallout.

It was Christmas Eve and we did not agree on some parenting things with our babies.  If you are a parent.. you know that your babies are your babies and you will stand up for them.  Growing up, Cherry and I both had a traumatic childhood.. feeling very unloved.  Naturally, we are very protective of our children.

We forgave each other and still kept in touch from time to time.  But it wasn’t the same closeness.   We still remembered many special occasions and had loving thoughts and words.  But the total openness and being there part was so very missed.

Almost two years passed with our friendship this way.. and then I felt Cherry deeply on my heart.  I texted her to let her know.  Jesus love was always expressed no matter what.  We had not seen each other since that Christmas Eve.  A few days later, she was on my heart again.. this time more deeply.  I wanted to text again.. But just prayed that she and her family were safe in the arms of our Father.. And that if she needed breakthrough, that it would be hers.

A few days later, it was my first day at Kingdom Living – a ministry school.  As I was walking to class, I heard someone calling my name.  I did not personally know anyone who would be attending the school.  I turned around and it was Cherry!  She was running to me.  I was so shocked and filled with overwhelming joy to see her.  It had been so long since I had seen my beautiful sister.  We shared such a comforting embrace and began crying.  And it was in that moment of hugging that God immediately healed our friendship.. and breakthrough was ours.  We both agreed we had just felt it melting off of us and now we’ve entered into a new land.  It was the best sister reunion with our King Jesus.

73446320_3631168386896997_8340479253611020288_n                  First day at Kingdom Living School

Cherry had been on my heart as God was preparing us for this.  She had actually learned beforehand that I’d be at Kingdom Living.  And began praying over our friendship before this big God moment.  How amazing is our GOD?  Wow.

Kingdom Living is a school so so deeply driven by the Living Word and Holy Spirit.. Healing and breakthrough happens so often and easily because.. we let God be God.  So very grateful for Kingdom Living School.

Shortly before our fall out, I had a dream and recorded it just as this :

Walking in the Spirit and a Shared Vision with Cherry ~ We were with a bunch of people and everyone was talking, except Cherry and I.  She grabbed my arm and I felt such a sisterly love as we walked arm in arm together.  And then I saw what looked to be like two camels.  I wondered why two camels would be where we were.  And then as I looked closer, it was a heavenly creature!  It was angelic and shining with so much glory!  Unlike anything I’d ever seen or could ever imagine.  Cherry asked me, “Sis are you seeing this too!!!???”  And I could not say anything and could barely breathe.  I was paralyzed in perfect beauty and splendor.  It was like an explosion of amazement and great peace.  The Holy Spirit was so powerful!  And then I woke up.  I still could not move!  I was still in the Spirit and my body and heart was filled with the same rush of what I felt in my dream. The Revelation Song played in my heart.. and for the next few weeks..


I had shared this with my dear sis when I awakened.

Nearly two years later.. on that first day at Kingdom Living School.. the Lord took me back to that very dream.  He spoke so purely to my heart that.. He wants to show so much more of his majesty and love that takes our breath away.. Heaven on earth and.. how blessed are we to have friendships to share in his wonders together.. and to adore him together..

Oh how he is our everything.  He shows us his glory, like my dream.
Since God’s divine appointment at Kingdom Living.. our friendship has been blooming and blooming.

In the time we had grieved over our hurtful mishap.. we surrendered it all to God.. We knew our love for each other was always there.  And as God works all things together for good.. for us who love him (Romans 8:28), he used it all to teach us.  We learned so much about ourselves, found a deeper healing.. And had risen above in such a lovely God-fearing way.  Jesus restores friendships.

We fight from victory, not for victory.  God has already won.

Hand in hand, we prayed together for all friendships.  For blessings upon blessings, for such a deep love and compassion for one another, for reconciliations.. for such intimate community and unity together with our Beloved Jesus.

May we have the loyalty and love just as David and Jonathan did.  Where we will be obedient and step out in big things to help each other.. Anchored in faith, affectionate..  resting in our God’s protection..

Each class at school has been so life transforming.  Learning who we are in Jesus.. and how loved we are by him.. Jesus is so so so in love with us that.. Just us doing nothing and breathing is so beautiful to him.. He loves us sooo much more than we love him and he just runs to us.. and desires us.. Our Dad in Heaven is a Good Dad and wants to give his children good gifts.. He has so much in store for us, we just have to see it and open it.. The Holy Spirit reveals to us in ways that blow our mind.. and the supernatural is now natural.. I will have to write another entire blog on school and Jesus.. His power of the living gospel.. glorious love and Holy Spirit manifestations..

Kingdom Living School has 3 phases…. Phase 1 and Phase 2.. for training and equipping world changers in releasing the Kingdom of God.. Phase 3, if you desire even more hands-on leadership..

My family and I have been struggling for some time now financially.  Much events have come up.. lots of unexpected storms that set us back.. Our savings were drained to nothing and our credit card debt was getting so high.  Hubby and I are simple people and did not have much debt.. But we needed to use what we could to stay afloat.

I was surprise blessed with a full scholarship for Phase 1.. I’m currently a student in this phase with Cherry.  The learning experiences and encounters with our Jesus have been extremely enlightening.. moving mountains.. Faith has been increasing.. as I have internalized how limitless God is..  Seeing truth from the Word come to life.  Not just head knowledge, but really known soo deeply in my heart and spirit..  I am learning how to activate this to pass it on to others.. for his great glory.  My walk with our Lord is a flourishing love.. He is our Daddy, Friend, King, Savior, Bridegroom… everything we need..

I shared with Cherry that I may not attend Phase 2 right away, as I didn’t want to burden our family financially.  She could relate as they’ve also had their struggles in this way.  I asked that she would pray over it with me.

As I prayed in the secret place with our Father, I began to feel sad.  Sad that I may not make it to Phase 2.  But then I remembered how God had answered my prayer to attend Phase 1.  He is a Waymaker.  I asked him to make a way, for a miracle to let me into Phase 2.  And praised him and thanked him for who he is.. and because I just love my Jesus.

The next day.. I met with Cherry and another sister outside of a coffee shop. Just to love on each other and enjoy sister time.  Conversations were genuinely all about Jesus.  Before we departed, Cherry handed me a letter.  I love our handwritten sister love letters.

When I got home, it was quiet.. My family was resting in bed.  I opened the letter and I couldn’t believe the blessing!  The words of life and sweet honey encouragement drenched and covered me in God’s love. And there was the exact amount of cash for tuition for Phase 2.  Cherry had deeply felt my calling to attend.  The Lord showed her my hearts desire for it.  Holy Spirit had told her, “The money that I have set aside is for Melissa for Phase 2.” I began to cry and cry.. and praised God.  I thanked him a thousand times.  Thank you for using Cherry as the miracle to answer my prayer.  Thank you for his faithfulness.. provision.  Thank you that he is on the throne.  Thank you that he sees me and wants more for me.  Thank you for the most beautiful pure-hearted gem of a friend.  Who sees others just as Jesus does.  Who wants what Jesus wants for us.  What a Jesus heart!

Our friendship is not based on what we can do for each other.  Or on blessings and revelations.  Or on being servants and having to strive.  It is truly all on Jesus love.  We stand firm together on his unfailing love.. his promises.. and my what glory he brings.  We just long to be in his presence together and spend time with him.  Always growing closer with him.  From there, all things come together for his purposes.

In a nutshell from my heart to yours..


What is Godly Friendship ?

1) God first always ~ love Jesus together
2) See each other the way Jesus sees us
3) Edify one another in gospel truth
4) Practice selflessness
5) Don’t be afraid to take risks
6) Communicate well
7) Be inclusive of others
8) Always forgive and be loving, no matter the circumstance
9) Honor one another
10) Pray together

Using discernment of the Holy Spirit, it is healthy to know that it’s okay to make boundaries with some.. and be more intimate with others..  Doing everything in love, know when there are times or seasons to let go or reach out.. Value each brother and sister and don’t forget to value your soul too.  Believe in God’s best for all our friends and ourselves.  Always give thanks to God for his gift of friendship.

And remember, there is no friend like the friend we have in our Lord Jesus.  May friendship and love with him be our greatest desire.  Jesus gave his life for us ~ the greatest sacrifice we will ever know. There is nothing we can do to change his perfect and eternal love for us.  He is the only one who can always be there for us.. He is the only one who can redeem brokenness.. and bring pure joy.  We praise him through it all each and every day.  He delights in us.. sings over us.. and is always longing just to spend time with us.

How is your friendship with Jesus?
In school…. We closed our eyes and imagined having coffee with one of our best friends.. How happy we are to see each other, the things we talked about and just how we each would be together.. And then we imagined having coffee with Jesus himself.. What would we do when we first see him?  How would we be together?  What would we talk about?  Jesus is our friend…. but let’s be real…He is far far more glorious than our earthly friendships.. Do we spend enough time with Jesus to have a wonderful coffee date with him?

Just as we text with our closest friends in the week and share so many things… Do we do that with Jesus each day?  He longs for constant relationship with us and quality time..


He is the God of peace, comfort, joy, forgiveness, kindness, mercy, freedom, wisdom.. Perfect Friend.  We can trust in him, lay all our faith and gratefulness in him… Looking at the character of our Sweet Jesus… of our Precious God… His Divine Holy Spirit.. The way he knows us best… and at all times only wants what’s best for us.. How he never leaves us and his power is for us.. The King of Kings is our Friend.  


Sweet Lord, we love you!!  We bow our hearts down before you and give it all to you..  Thank you for caring for us the way no one else can.  You are the Best and you are our Best Friend!  Lord Jesus bless our friendships and may they be pleasing to you.  We thank you for Godly friendships!  That they always point us to Beautiful You.

We release in Jesus Name more friendships that are deeply centered around you. No matter what happens, you are Lord over it all.. Reveal your glory through friendships in Jesus Name.  May we reflect you and grow to become more and more of a friend like you.  Oh Lover of our Soul, there is none like you.  You who understands it all.  We love you! We abide in your pure love.  We will love one another as you love us.  As friend of you our Treasured Lord… the one who defines us.. May we bear much fruit in our friendships.  How amazing that you love us just as we are.. Yet, your love leads us to change to become more like you.. to be an example of wonderful and true friendship..

What a perfect representation of friendship you are.. Jesus, our Everlasting and Perfectly True Friend!  We celebrate in our gift of Friendship Lord!  In Jesus Name, Amen.



  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. So very beautifully written. 😭❤️ I could just feel glory as I was reading. How the lord is just being glorified with everything.

    Thank you sis for everything and thank you for your heart.

    The photos too 😭😭😭 omg Christmas, the blanket OMG 😭❤️ And the cake you surprised us 😋 looooove it!

    Love you sis!

    Liked by 5 people

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