Boyfriend & Girlfriend Poem

My oh my. Today is my husband and I’s wedding anniversary. And I came across this poem that was written back when we were just dating. Reading it took me to a time before marriage, children, family deaths, big changes and major growth with our Father in Heaven. So much innocence ~ forgiveness always happened quickly and naturally. Looking at how far my husband and I have come together.. How we both seek the Lords heart and ways above our own.. We still fail.. But God’s love never fails.. As we dwell in His perfect love.. Moving forward in new and deeper ways.. I tend to fall in love all over again reading old cheesy poems like this.. Dedicated to my sweet husband.. Possibly the first poem I ever wrote to you..💛


Love that changes everything

Your soul just starts to sing

He cooks, writes poems.. walks me to my door

He can just be with me and nothing more

He’s always concerned about my days

And cares in so many wonderful ways

When he gazes at the moonlit ocean

It’s like I’m drowning in my own emotion

How could someone so beautiful want me

Someone who loves my life and all I want to be

I watch as he drives his car and grabs my hand

I realize how much my life has a bigger plan

When we embrace, it’s always full of heart

His kisses are perfect, it’s hard to depart

Talking.. the hours fly like minutes

If only with us time had no limits

We tell such silly jokes and laugh all night

All the way until the sun comes up so bright

When I feel any sort of frustration coming on

We count our blessings, my temper is gone

His peacefulness & gentleness make me better

His patience & kindness are as sweet as nectar

He’s so wonderful yet he won’t ever boast

After our God, it is him whom I love the most

He is always thinking of others more

He doesn’t care about keeping score

He’s full of a humble joy & genuine heart

With him it’s a new journey I get to start

This handsome and amazing man that I honor

My heart for my love, it keeps getting fonder

I truly love him more and more each day

To think I was being molded just like clay

So that I could be made for someone else

And a life so much bigger than just myself

Each night before bed I would pray

Purely for our God’s will & way

He’d show me this romantic and Godly man in my dreams

And now here he is, eating cookies and cream ice cream

I keep treasuring this blessing

With him there’s no stressing

We love each other unconditionally so true

Anyone whom he loves, I will love them too

I admire all he is and all that he will be

It is his heart that I breathtakingly see

Together it’s all of the world that we are free of

And I can’t help growing deeper & deeper in love


  1. You deserve each other. Great couple – here’s to an enduring love. My darllng husband and I have been married for 66 years…..! Couldn’t wish for a more loving and special man. Be happy! xx


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