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Do you know what season you’re in? What can we learn with where we are at right now? Embrace where we are. God has us in this place for his great purposes. He always has perfect timing. Knowing our season helps us to know God’s plans and works for us.

Dearest Daddy God💛

We love you Lord, we thank you for you. Be the King of our heart. May we honor you in each season that you put us in. Thank you that you never change. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Right now I’m in a strong season of motherhood. My children are very young, needing mommy and daddy. Hayley just turned 3 and Elijah just turned 1. Hayley started a new season this week : preschool. This means more blessed time with Elijah. He is loving all the special mommy time. And for Hayley.. she has found her wings and is flying. I had no idea she would love preschool so much.

With a young family, it can be tough to prioritize my husband. I believe our marriage must be solid in the Lord.. for our babies to see what real love is. We’ve made it a point to have dinner together each night and to communicate gently and well. When the kids go to bed early, we try our best to do something fun together. We know that when they are older.. there will be more date nights. And one day.. our kids will be grown. Then it’ll be just my husband and I again.

Above all this, making time for our sweet Lord almighty. Not just by getting to serve or going to church.. or any religious thing. But just being in the secret place with him. It can be challenging.. I’m constantly busy and rarely alone. But even now with my babies and husband right next to me.. fast asleep.. Here we are. Thankful for this moment with our Heavenly Father. I’m so thankful that when we sleep, God doesn’t. I’m so thankful that he never gets tired and never stops watching over us.

I’m so thankful that he protected us in the car accident last week. It taught me that it is time to slow down and be present in the moment. Distractions can hurt us.

It says in his Word that we all fall short. With that known, we are to give grace to others. How do we do this? We remember that despite all others’ shortcomings.. despite all of ours.. The Lord still loves us all. Remember what he did on the cross for all of us. Make boundaries to guard our hearts, to protect our soul. This doesn’t mean to put up a wall, but to let the Lord be in charge of the door inside our heart. We still love on all. We continue to pray for each other, encourage one another.

If we are to grow more like Jesus, we must look to his life. When I think about Jesus’s life.. his ministry on earth… He didn’t help everyone – he didn’t heal everyone..

He knew when to draw the line, when to say no. He took time to rest, time to be alone with the Father…. I believe his relationship with Abba was more important than the work he was called to do.

A few nights ago, I had an interesting dream. I blew up a giant balloon and put a sign on it that said “Jesus loves you, He really does”. A few friends and I sent the balloon flying in the air. It beautifully soared high in the sky. Further and further away.. gone. Minutes later.. it flew back to us. Our sign was gone and a new one was put on…. It read “F**k y’all”… There was a picture of a little girl… her name… and that she had died in a fire… In my heart, I believed that the person who changed the sign was a man who had lost his daughter. That girl was his babygirl. My heart hurt. There was a deep feeling to minister to him. Then I woke up.

People are against Christians… God… And maybe it’s because when these things happen to them.. We back off, rather than get closer.

We sent out that balloon with the Lord’s love and got rejected in return. Does that mean to give up? Jesus was rejected, he still pressed forward with the Fathers will. We should never give up on praying for those who persecute us. And loving others in action.

Because of hurts, people may reject God’s love. If we can pour Gods love over them and in their hurt, miracles are possible. They can be saved, healed through the Father.

We can do our best to grow in the truth in our own heart.. that “Jesus loves us, he really does”. When we know this, our heart.. our balloon will continue to fly. And when it is thrown back at us.. we remember his Word. We will suffer as Jesus did, but we can count it all as joy. It is all for our own good. Teaching us endurance, to be more like Jesus. And greatest of all.. to glorify the Lord.

His love and purposes will be used through us. His will be done. And at times it seems we are fading, overwhelmed. If doing his work becomes a burden, maybe we are doing too much on our own.. and not giving it all to him.

We must go back to his Word and rest in him, as Jesus was so perfect at doing.

🎶 Oh come to the altar… the Fathers arms are open wide.. 🎶

We sure have a good good Father. He is the keeper of our soul. Always fighting for us, leaving the 99.

🎶 Oh the overwhelming never ending reckless love of God… Oh it chases me down.. fights ’til I’m found.. leaves the 99.. 🎶

Do you know what that means? It means that if the shepherd had 100 sheep and lost just 1, he would recklessly leave the 99 to get that 1. That’s the Great Shepherd with us. We mean so much to him that he does whatever it takes to rescue us.

The Lord took me out of a season of teaching.. into a season of raising a family.  In many ways, I’ve been pulled here and there.  I’ve had several offers to return to the workforce. Other women have asked me to help start a ministry.  People have asked for help in ways that would take lots of time away from my first ministry, my family.  Knowing that God has placed me in the season of marriage and motherhood, I’m able to discern better what roads to travel.  God first.. and then he shows how to prioritize after that.

Put God first and everything else will follow.


In our crazy lives, make time for our Lord. Choose him over everything. Over all our loved ones, over all the work we do even the work for him. A loving father loves to spend time with his loving child.

Grow with our Lord, play with him. Talk with him throughout your day. Treasure the relationship with our Father who is King of Heaven.  He loves us so much.  As you grow closer with our Dad, you’ll see his power in your life more and more. His powerful love is the best gift you could ever receive.

Dear Loving Father💛

May the only thing that overwhelms us be your loving spirit. We will honor and worship you with our faith. May we passionately pursue you with all our hearts. We are so grateful for just who you are. Protect us from the evil one. Keep our focus on your heart, your kingdom. Help us to know that it is always all about you, this is your story.

Help us to understand your lessons in whatever season we are in. Let us reflect you.. sharing joy and peace..truth.. wherever we go. May we grow closer and and closer with you Daddy. How I dream of the day we will see your face and embrace you in full spirit. Lead us in your everlasting love. We love you Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen💛


  1. aww sis you really nailed it with this message. You are so right about making god first and continuing to seek him first in our life. He does love us so much, he calls his beloved and we are his child of god.What precious sweet words he calls us. He is always loving us and giving us grace when we don’t deserve how amazing is that? i love your message sis.cant wait to read your next blog. You have such beautiful way of sharing the truth in love with others. Love you sissy<3

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