God Will Provide

Did you ever have a financial crisis where you felt so helpless and ashamed?

Jehovah Jireh means God will provide❤️

My husband, Clarence, and I were surprised with unexpected circumstances.. We had to dig deep into the savings we had. On top of this, we had several gift giving occasions.. And Clarence’s paychecks were small due to taking off for family emergencies.

We felt to bless others, even in our challenging time. We know that people are more valuable than money. Feeling hopeless, I focused on pushing through with prayer. I usually don’t ask for prayer over finances. I ask for prayers over relationships, for discernment, grace.. Prayers of thanks and protection, healing. But for the first time, I asked my friend Lechelle to pray over our finances.

Not long after that, she came to visit and handed us a blue envelope. Inside there was a precious and thoughtful card.. and it was filled with a generous monetary gift. I started crying and felt I couldn’t accept such a gesture. She hugged me and spoke encouragement and pure love.. Believing it was truly from her heart, how much she desired to bless us.. I thanked her and hugged her.

She grabbed my hands, kept saying that we were family💛

Clarence was shocked. Never in our life did we have a friend give something like that so cheerfully. No special occasion, no strings attatched.. just total love.

Aunty and mom came to visit.. We made a small but special birthday celebration for Aunty. We prayed and spent lots of quality time together. We mostly talked about Jesus. Before Aunty left, she opened up her wallet and blessed our family. I felt so undeserving, it was too generous. But she insisted.. She joyfully thanked me for our kindness, for our love together with the Lord.

Clarence remembered  he had piggy banks from when he was a little boy. He brought it home from the home he grew up in. We went to a CoinStar machine.. We were amazed at how much we got back..

Later he went to a ministry gathering at our pastors home. I had just come home from a two day conference, so I stayed home and spent time with family.  At the conference, I had learned to create spiritual battle plans.  And that our battles ultimately belong to the Lord.

Clarence was asked to share a good part about his week.. He thought of our friend Lechelle and spoke on how she blessed us.

He later wrote her a long letter, telling of how her goodness in the Lord brought such life and faith to his spirit. He was so thankful. A man of few words, it’s not like him to write a letter like that.

We went to church with our friend Lechelle. After service, my husband went to the bathroom. When he walked out, a man he had never seen before gave him a grocery store gift card. He said someone just wanted to bless us and walked away. Clarence showed it to me and I saw the amount ~ shocked..

He led me to the man who was the messenger.. His name was Mike. I asked him who the giver was. He said the person wanted to remain anonymous and reminded me that in the Bible.. we are to give good things in secret. I hugged Mike and thanked him for his part and I just cried.

Leaving church, Clarence got in the car.. He prayed thanks to God and he also cried.

My husband had said to have faith.. We still need to work hard.. have a plan, but while having faith..

Later I learned that Lechelle had put in a prayer request at church.. For provision over our finances.. We were lifted in even more prayer over our situation.

Not just from church friends, but also from a lady I barely know..

I buy scripture necklaces from a Christian lady in the mainland, Marie. I believe when others wear a verse, it is ministry.. evangelism. My friend Lori has shared stories of others being touched by her favorite verse that she wears ~ Proverbs 3:5.

When my last order arrived, there was no box lid. I messaged Marie to let her know.. She not only blessed me with a new box being sent.. She is sending me a scripture necklace inside that box.. Along with another necklace of my choice.. at no charge. I’m not one to buy these things for myself.. Most of the jewelry that I have are gifts from others. And I know just the person to bless with the next necklace.

Marie then prayed for me..

The scripture that she chose for me :

The month we didn’t know if we could make rent and pay our bare essentials.. Well, God didn’t just help us to take care of all the regular bills.. He decided to abundantly bless us.. We could enjoy a meal out or cook a little feast at home.. We could bless more people, save again.

The Lord used others to speak so much life into us… At the conference, ministry at our pastors home, church.. From friendship with someone we know very well like Lechelle.. to Marie.. the necklace maker who I barely know and have never met..

Don’t be afraid to bless others and give even when you are struggling.. Don’t be afraid to ask for prayer.. My friend Lechelle says don’t be afraid to ask for help. She knew with money.. we’d only ask God for help in secret.. She spoke on how our family of God wants to bless us.

There is nothing like being embraced in the family of God❤️

We feared not making it with enough, yet we were blessed with much more than enough.  And it’s all God’s doing.  God used his people to answer prayers, to show that he will always provide.

Thank you Father, thank you.

Trust our God. He is a good good Father. His sons and daughters share his heart. The family of God is the Lord’s hands and feet.

From a soul of hopelessness to hope 💛 Trust In God’s faithfulness.


  1. sissy! beautiful job of sharing your heart through the blog! god is amazing and so faithful to us! his LOVE is so REAL! He always will reveal himself through people, his word and even in the circumstance, you will feel his presence and love<3


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