Daddy went to Jesus💛


During a small church gathering, we went around the tables sharing what brings us joy.  And in that moment, my best friend Lechelle texted this :
She had no idea we were sharing about joy.  She lives on another island and doesn’t attend our church.  It is amazing to be so connected in spirit.  Little did we know, we’d lose my father-in-law the very next day.  And two days later, Lechelle would lose her dad.
90590281-7909-46A5-895D-01200EA0F2DB.jpegSpending time with dad on 4th of July (top) Lechelle with her dad on Fathers Day (bottom)

Our dads had both been in hospice care.  I will refer to my father-in-law as dad.. as he really was my dad too.  Lechelle’s  dad, Paul, was 93.  My dad, Conrad, was 82.

Lechelle and I have been supporting and praying for one another every single day.  When dad passed, she was the first person that I texted.  When her dad passed, I was the first person she texted.💛

After I had texted her that dad passed, I texted a few other close friends.  They took spiritual action and sent out prayer chains to the church, our brothers and sisters in Christ.  And we began receiving holy spirit words of encouragement and love.  Powerful support right when we needed it.

One of the few people I texted was our church pastor.  He then called my husband.  And although he had to lead church and worship early the next morning, he came to share in our suffering.  Such a great pastoral heart, there is no pastor like him.  He loyally stayed by our side for the rest of the night.. To hang out, make jokes, love on his sheep, pray, give support… He read from Psalm 27, we’ve been meditating on that Word since.

Our kids were with us and played with the caretakers kids.  They had no idea what was going on and had fun.  We didn’t get home until I believe close to midnight.

I have lost many loved ones, but this was the first time I had experienced such a deepness of family pulling together to lift us up.  We are forever grateful.


Dad is the first close person that my husband, Clarence, has lost.  He was very close with his dad.  They had a special bond.  They made time for each other, always offered help.  When we had families of our own, we did our best to still make time.  We would invite him to events.. A football game, concert, church event.  Or just drive to his home to talk stories.  When he became ill, Clarence took off of work to help with doctors appointments, he’d drive around the island to help with errands, helped fix things, do yard work..

Clarence with dad and mom 🙂
Dad visiting Clarence when he lived away in Arizona
A6538F1B-DE91-4EAB-BC98-E7C7B601ED28.jpegClarence picking mangos, dad was the best mango picker.
Celebrating dads birthday 
Our post wedding party ~ he loved the wedding cake
Thanksgiving with the grandchildren 🙂

I am so so in awe at how my husband was so sweet and willing to humbly be there for dad.  And all while trying his best to make it work for our little family.. We have a 10 month old son and an almost 3 year old daughter.

Dad passed away on our friends son’s birthday.  It was my husbands best friends son.  Lechelle’s dad passed away the day before her birthday.

We have been crying many tears.  We cried all day.  But through these times where the heart is it at its softest, you can see just how powerful love is.  We have never prayed so much together until now.  And being at church the next day after we lost dad, well, there is nothing like the family of God holding you.  During worship, a song captured my heart.

🎶 I will build my life upon your love, it is a firm foundation 🎶

Being so in love with the Lord, we live in his house.. the Rock of Christ.  Nothing can break that, no person or circumstance.


I remember our pastor saying, “Life is tough, but God is tougher.”

Losing someone you love is hard.. But God is so amazing.  And having beautiful people by your side and believing your loved one is in heaven… That can transform your faith into a new glory.

I’ve lost a few loved ones and I wasn’t sure if they went to heaven or not.  Those funerals are the saddest.  But with people who we believe made it to heaven, even in our hurt.. there is such a joy and wonder, great thankfulness… Only the Lord knows where each person really is.  But as believers and followers of Christ, we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

Faith is real, God is real.  In such a time as this.. we are still full of hope, our relationships grow deeper.  My husband isn’t home mad at the world, he is praising the Lord and worshipping him.. Via YouTube, he listens to his cousin singing his favorite salvation songs…

🎶The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear… Whom shall I be afraid… I will wait for you….🎶

We are in constant prayer.  And after each prayer, there is a new peace.

We are making it through.  Although at times, we falter and our heart just breaks.. it really hurts.. We know our foundation is in the Lord.


The Lord is the one who created us and only he knows our day and hour of birth and death.  And we are all going to go…. I’m not afraid to say, heaven or hell?  I’d rather choose the Lord before it’s too late.

I am so grateful that our dad accepted the Lord in his heart.  When Clarence and I prayed, we made sure to ask him about his faith.  And I felt it in his eyes that he truly knew the Lord.  I am so grateful for Lechelle’s dad also knowing the Lord and accepting him.  Our daddies can be friends.. I like to imagine both of our daddies together in heaven dancing with Jesus.

Loved ones leaving us and going to heaven is a miracle.  We just miss them. Very much.  Our loss, but heavens gain.

Clarence shared that he had a disagreement with mom.  She wanted dad, her husband, to wear a suit in his coffin at the funeral.  But dad completely despised suits.  We’d love to honor moms wishes, but want to honor dads more.  Dad would wear aloha shirts and jeans, not a suit.  So we asked mom to bring an aloha shirt and jeans to the mortuary.   That was dads style, what he liked.  Mom wasn’t happy about that.. When Clarence shared this, I made the first joke about dad since he’s left us.

Mom and dad were constantly bickering… We always knew when they had arrived at our home.. We’d hear them arguing.  They disagreed the entire time we spent time together.  Even when dad was in the hospital and carehome, they couldn’t be together too long.. They’d end up irritating each other too much.  But they did love each other.  They laughed together and took care of each other.  And they sure raised a wonderful family together.

They always argued.. So I said, “Babe, I bet dad is in heaven arguing with her right now… Saying ””Hunnay!  Let me wear my aloha shirt and jeans!  Good enough!  That’s what  I like.””  I imitated dads voice and his hawaiian pidgin accent.  Clarence and I laughed so hard…. They fought for over 40 years together on earth and maybe still fighting with dad in heaven.  We imagined dad just smiling and laughing.   Dad was always cracking jokes, it felt so good to laugh with his humorous spirit.

It is so neat that my husband and I can still laugh together in this sensitive time.  We’ve been having so many talks.  Through his parents marriage, we learned a lot about our marriage.  We gained knowledge about family.  We reflected on ourselves and what we can work on to be better.

Our dad passed away just 3 days ago.  But we are not in a dark place, we have such a joy amidst our sorrow.  How cool is it that the day after dad leaves us, our church begins a new series the next morning.. And the title is “The Secret to Everyday Joy.”  God has such perfect timing.


To avoid everyone finding out at different times about dad, we called close family first.  And then announced his heavenly promotion on social media :


Dear Heavenly Father,

Oh how you love us all!  We praise you and love you so much.  When we received the news, your presence took over and you comforted us.  Lord when we saw dad, your peace was there.  Your amazing grace is so beautiful, your spirit is such a gift.  What would we do without you?  We’d be in darkness, dead in spirit.  But Daddy God…you really do give us wings like eagles.  Dad finished his race.  We believe he is with you and Jesus! What joy!  Perfect eternal paradise!  No more suffering or confusion.  Just celebrating in heaven.  Thank you Father for he is home with you.  Thank you that you have already prepared our homes there with you as well.  Lord I pray for those that have not made the decision to follow you.  You are in control, you could call us into eternity at any moment.  Lord I pray that people will turn to you before it’s too late.  Holy Spirit I pray your love to surround those who are walking in blindness.  As your Word says, every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess you.. Thank you for creation.  Thank you for life.  Thank you for salvation.  Thank you for heaven.  Thank you for you.  For your love, mercies, wonderful plans.  Our hearts just can’t grasp all that you’ve done and continue to do for us.

Lord, thank you for the beloved people you’ve placed in our lives!  Friends that truly walk hand in hand with us,  that share in your spirit.  We saw so much Jesus in our loved ones as they poured out to comfort and pray for us.  Thank you that we have beautiful souls to share in both sufferings and joy with you.

🎶 From my heart to the heavens… Jesus be the center, it’s all about you…. Yes it’s all about you 🎶

This is your story, we are so so in awe to be a part of it.  You are God of not just earth, but a billion other galaxies…the King of Heaven… Wow.  And you allow us to know you.  You, the God of the universe, call us your sons and daughters.  Amazing.  You love us so much that you gave your only son.. who was a perfect man, for our sinful ways.  Father as a mother I can’t imagine giving my only son or only daughter for others.  God your love goes beyond what our minds can ever fathom.  None like you.  We love you.  We are so thankful for you and your eternal ways and love.  Thank you for our short lives here on earth.  Precious Lord Almighty, thank you that we have eternal life with you in heaven.

In Jesus Precious Name,



  1. 💕💕wow sis you wrote this story out so beautifully..thank you for sharing your story about your dad and how we can find im the midst of storms and how we can praise and rejoice his name and know how much he loves us💜💜

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    • Sis you always understand my heart. How amazing that we’ve shared such a similar season. The Lord surely has blessed our friendship.💛

      Liked by 1 person

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