The Snobby Christian



Did you ever meet a Christian who only hung out with their own click?  Trying to stay away from nonbelievers, places that are considered worldly.  Always concerned of bad influences.  Many times thinking of themselves as a saint, but not genuinely loving on others who have no benefit to them.  Their heart is not open to all.


Pride over the true condition of our heart can blind us.  There are Christians that secretly struggle and portray a false image.  Hiding their true past, who they really are and how their life really is.. They want others to think they are a perfect Christian.  Even with those closest to them.   They create their own world of God, rather than seeing how God truly wants us to be in this world.



Do you know someone who is spiritually sick?  If you try to help that person learn the truth, they may become defensive and shut you out.


We must love in action, not just in words.  Through correction, true colors will show.  It is worth the risk ~ Heaven awaits and our time is quickly passing.  I pray the Lord breaks any snobbiness within us and shows his truth over our life.💛

Our God is not a snobby God.  If we are called to be more like Him.. we really need to do heart checks, keep our hearts clean.

God wants us to have sweet fellowship with him and with one another. Close and meaningful relationships. To grow together, do life together.. keep each other accountable. Not just say we love and forgive, but reveal it in action.  He wants believers to go out into the world, to reach lost souls. He wants our marriages to point to him.  He wants us to raise our children the way he raises us, with  love, truth and discipline.


He doesn’t want us to make excuses for our sins.  He doesn’t want us to think we are so righteous that we can’t hang out with others who are not within our background, comfort zone or beliefs. Or simply just because they sin differently than us. He doesn’t want us to pretend that our marriage is okay and our kids are perfect.  He doesn’t want us to pretend to be at peace.

The world does not need to see another fake and hypocritical Christian.

How can we grow if we see ourselves as always so righteous and better than others? Only God is that way, he is the only perfect one.


I don’t think he wants us behind an electronic or wall all day.  He wants us in the field of his creations.  To be out there sharing his love with others.

Lets be transparent with our journey and our trials. To confess. To comfort others with his heart. To reconcile and be peacemakers. To celebrate our victories and fill others with stories of his goodness. Making time to meet face to face, having meals together, serving one another ~ that’s what Jesus did with his disciples.


We are all sinners, whether a believer or not. Jesus hung out with so many sinners. He said that it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. We as believers are called to shine our light in dark places. We are called to love all, as the Lord loves all.


It is a snobby Christian that can cause unbelievers to not want to believe. And it can cause believers to not want to be friends with other believers. Or to turn away from the church or faith. There is no gain for heaven in this.

Believers who are filled with pride wear a mask that hinders them from being truly free. They read the Word for themselves, rather than to fully worship God and minister to others. It is good at times to read what we aren’t interested in, because it’s not always for just us. It’s also to learn for God and others.


Daddy in Heaven,

You are so amazing dear Lord, you are perfect love!❤️ We ask you for forgiveness in times where we’ve worshipped other things before you or for the wrong reasons. Lord we lift up those who do not know you.  May your loving spirit enter into their heart and reveal how great and real you are.  May they receive your gift of eternal salvation.  May they be encouraged to read your Word and grow with you, following you.✨

For those that do know you, but are not walking in your humility and agape love.. Lord may you fill them with a passionate love for you and your people. 🔥 May you give them a heart that sees beyond themselves, give them a heart that sees and loves others the way that you do.

Lord there are Christians who are lukewarm in their faith, they just say what they think sounds good.. or repeat what they’ve heard from another.. Father give them a boldness to not hold back in being who they truly are in you.  To be first and foremost concerned of what you think, not man.


Holy Spirit, I speak against so much judging, grudges, bitterness, so much pride and entitlement! I speak against false prophets and false teachers that lead others away from the truth! I speak against all plans of the enemy, anything that deceives us from heavens ways. I break bondage chains of the past, anything that keeps us from your best for us.

I pray for those who falsely believe they are healed because their pride wants to justify that’s what they deserve. To feel more superior.  Help them see true righteousness in Jesus Name. Hurting people hurt people. Lord we need more healing, so much healing. I pray that those who need healing accept that and put in the work it takes ~ forgiveness, acceptance, speaking out, seeking help, surrendering.

Lord, may we be gratefully redeemed by you ~ May we go out in your lands and do your work.  May we work in spirit and in truth, with rivers of overflowing love. People need to know that they are loved, accepted as they are, forgiven.. That in you they can be free and filled with a joy that this world can never give.❤️


It is only through you that we can have unshakable joy. May we all be heavens soldiers for you. Lord you love us ALL. You are available to us all. Lord speak LIFE to your people. Turn their hearts to you, oh how you love us. Thank you that we are part of your beautiful story, that we belong to you. Thank you for using life experiences to teach us so much about what really counts for your kingdom.✨

Precious Father, I pray that this prayer would convict and encourage.. That it would bring people to a love in action.. whether it be repentance or to begin a ministry.  Lord I speak against shallowness in your church.  May we be a people filled with deep love for one another, transparent love, your steadfast love!   Father people need to see real hearts for you!  Each day we are getting closer and closer to the final day when we will answer to you.  Purify our hearts Lord, so we may glorify you with all our heart.  We love you!❤️

🙏🏻In Jesus Name, Amen.















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