Spiritual Breakthrough


After missing church service for 2 weeks in a row ~ life happens… and being very late to today’s church service.. we had made it back.  Being around other believing hearts, hearing our anointed pastor share the gospel, surrounded in the presence of the Holy Spirit.. I just wanted Jesus.

We had missed worship.. the 3 songs that lead us before the message begins.. We had also missed a chunk of the church message..

My husband and I sat together, our children were at the church’s childcare. Hayley has been going for some time now and loves it. For our baby, Elijah.. it was his first time without anyone he knew with him. When my husband got the call from one of the caregivers.. he left and didn’t come back.

I texted him..asking if Elijah was ok. He didn’t respond. I waited, wanted to leave to check on them. Our son is a rascal and gets into everything.. I wondered if he just simply cried.. missing us, or if something more urgent happened.  As I wrestled with leaving or staying.. the Lord spoke to my heart.❤️  To stay..to trust him.. that he the Lord is first.  So I stayed.

The songs “Amazing Love” & “At the Cross” are such sweet songs to my heart.. I was blessed to not miss this surprise worship time.  The Lord came through..and it greatly overwhelmed me. Tears were falling and falling. I felt the Lord telling me to stop doing so much on my own, to just let him lead.. Let his love flood over it all.. I had breakthrough. I was broken, but I was broken in his arms. There was no place I’d rather be. It was just me and my Father..  I cried so hard, uncontrollably. I felt his embrace, so thankful that he was with me.


🎶 You tore the veil.. You made a way.. When You said that it is done 🎶

It is done… Yes there will be suffering, but as the Word says ~ The suffering we have now doesn’t compare to the glory we have later.

The closed door auditorium had the lights dimmed. I kept seeing a light in my side view, as if someone kept opening the door to come in.  But each time I looked, nobody was opening the door. I stopped looking for the light outside. I realized God’s light was near me, surrounding me. I couldn’t stop crying.

How amazing is our God, amazing love.

🎶 Amazing love, how can it be? That you my King would die for me.. Amazing love, I know its true.. It’s my joy to honor you.. In all I do, I honor you 🎶

Then I got the text from my husband.  Elijah was absolutely fine.  He missed us and just like his mommy, he was crying.  Thank you Jesus for keeping him safe.


In the the Book of James, the author (who I believe was James himself ~  Jesus’ brother) mentions that when troubles come, we should count it all as joy.. I’ve been walking in a hurtful time.. Trying hard to press on strongly.. God must keep me together, not me.. As I surrendered my troubles to him.. left it all at the cross.. I felt such an incredible joy take authority over all my sorrows.

The beautiful service came to an end. The ending song was titled “What Joy”.

We go through these times so that the Lord can test our faith ~ to grow our faith..  If obedience + love is committed through the trials.. the Lord blesses us with true joy.

We learn the lesson, receive breakthrough, we are redeemed.🙌🏻  Freedom in Christ is such a breathtaking and immeasurable gift.  We must put God first and be still… Listen for his voice…

I wasn’t expecting breakthrough in this morning..

Although I now remember the Lord’s promise that joy comes in the morning ~ Psalm 30.

I was seeking God with all my heart in this season.. Reading His Word, fellowship with prayer warriors, reaching out to bless whoever I can, trying my best to follow him and just live his love…

But even though I tried so hard, I still fell short in many ways. And it hurt… It hurt that the man who is the father I never had became someone I don’t know..as his health is failing.  It hurt to see people I love sooo much be swallowed in depression.  It hurt to see my best friend have her bad days with cancer.  It hurt to see the darkness in so many things…

But the Lord rushed in and I will never be the same.. I just think, Wow Lord… I belong to you, the King of Heaven, The Lord of everything… GOD..is..our..Daddy. He cares for us so deeply..  He does test us ~ grows us more and more in love with him…. And there is nothing more beautiful than that.


No matter how difficult your circumstances, God is greater than any circumstance. No matter how deep your pain is, God will use that to build up your heart for greater things. No matter how many distractions you may have, continue to keep putting him first.. And his light will shine through.✨

I pray that the Lord will sing over you! That you accept his control, surrender your will and be faithful to his will.  I plead the blood of Jesus over you, may his holy spirit fill you now and forevermore.  I pray that you encounter his love in a new and fresh way ~ more powerful than ever before.  May the Lord’s heart shine upon you in Jesus Name. Let his steadfast love take over your soul, may you grow from glory to glory.


 May the Lord’s peace be yours, may his love always be the waymaker. In Jesus Name, Amen.❤️




  1. Thank you sis for sharing your heart in your blog! How amazing is our god? His love and goodness just poured over you and giving your a breakthrough! God is good! continue to be bless my dear sis! love you to pieces<3

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  2. Very nice blog. God loves us in so many ways and he always wants us to go to him first. I forget that a lot and need to keep faith in him. I remember breaking down one time asking god why is this road he’s talking me on so rocky! Then I remembered the life change video and our pastors words from Sunday. God doesn’t temp us he is only testing us to help us and to shape us to build our character that he sees in us. We don’t know what’s ahead of us but he does and that’s why these rocky times will help us for the future he knows. Love you babe and I never say this enough. Thank you for everything and being there.

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