Finding God in Ordinary Things❤️


Isn’t it amazing how we can be doing something so ordinary.. and then God turns it into something so extraordinary?

This happened to my husband, Clarence, a few days ago..

Clarence took our kids for a walk to our neighborhood toy store.  He just wanted to browse and spend quality time with Hayley and Elijah.   He came home with a book titled The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village.  He happily said, “Look what I got for Elijah!”


Later that night, he read the story to our two kids.  When he got towards the ending of the book, he said, “Whoooa.. I didn’t know this book was about the holy spirit!  This is so cool…they’re relating the story to God.”  He finished reading the book.  He was amazed.  The message was perfect for him.  He is in a fiery season ~ longing to grow more with the Lord.  He said he had gotten the book because it was on sale, thought Elijah would love tractors as he got older.  Elijah is 8 months old now.


Top : Elijah David, our son / Bottom : With his sister Hayley Faith and daddy Clarence

Seeing the book, my heart flooded with joy.  The author was Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love ~ one of my most beloved books.  Clarence had never heard of him until this day.  I had no idea the book would be about the holy spirit that God gives us.. In my last bible study session, our discussion was about the holy spirit.. The current book I’m reading is about the holy spirit.. A few days ago.. Clarence prayed with his dad for the first time.. I prayed with my mother-in-law for the first time.. Recently I began praying in tongues.. Prayed to rebuke an unholy spirit a few days ago.  Our family has also been prayed over with many loved ones.  Lots of prayer lately..

Today both of my babies took a nap at the same time.. I wanted to clean our home, make something to eat, do laundry, catch up with some text messages.. But I tuned it all out.. I raised my hands up to heaven and prayed in the spirit to our beautiful God.


Prayed for the holy spirit to surround our family.. to fill us from the soles of our feet to the crowns of our head and to flow through our heart like a raging river.. Prayed for our home.. for the holy spirit to fill every single room, walkway, corner, closet.. rebuked any kind of unclean spirit.. Prayed that I be emptied of me and the ways of the world, that I be purified.. For my eyes to be fully fixated on the Lord.  Not our plans, but his plans.. Not just because he knows best, but because he deserves all the honor and glory and praise.. Everything good is from the Lord.  He has done so much… made this world for us, gave us life, died for our sins so that we can be free, so that we can share in his powerful and endless love forevermore..


I thanked him for the story in the book…

Clarence had chosen that book for our son.. But I think God chose that book for Clarence.. as he leads us, our family.  After we read the book, we were so refreshed.. It felt like the Lord was singing over us.  He reminded us that he gives us all that we need..

Our family is going through a storm right now.  Much heartache has surrounded our loved ones.  My husband has never had so much stress in his entire life.  Still, there is a peace..

God showed up.. He showed up in a children’s book. Clarence was thinking of his son, and the Lord was thinking of his son Clarence.

The Lord doesn’t sleep.  He is always watching over us.💛


In the story, the village people had a hard time with their tractor.. They thought that was just the way it was.  It took them weeks to plow the fields with the tractor.  A farmer was cleaning and came across the tractors owners manual.  He told the villagers about it.. They were so used to their normal ways, they did not believe him.  The farmer followed the instructions and plowed the whole field over night.  The villagers were shocked.  They realized the manual was true.  Time passed, they grew such abundant crops.. They decided to share their crops blessings with others.  And told many people what they learned.

Once they were aware of the truth, they were filled with a new spirit.  And they just wanted to share that love and joy with everyone.


We are like the big red tractor.. God made us, he knows everything about us, how we work best.  And he even gives us an owners manual, the Bible.💛

In order to receive the Lord’s true teachings, peace, blessings… I believe we must follow his instructions.  If we trust him, believe.. He will give us his spirit to lead our minds and hearts.  How do we grow in the spirit?  By loving him and one another, by studying his book that is like our life manual.


Maybe you can read this very book that my husband found.  Reading it led me back to studying his Word with a softer heart.

As you read this.. I pray that the spirit of God will encourage you to learn more about Him, Jesus and the holy spirit that makes it all possible.  The Lord made us to do great things through his power.. his spirit.

May God bless you, may you be a blessing to others.  May you be showered with surprises from him.  I pray that he will show up in your life and make ordinary things become extraordinary.

We serve an extraordinary God.❤️




  1. That book was so awesome! I still can’t believe how the book ended it is true and we just need to believe in him and trust him with things so we can get our treasures he has for us. Even thru the toughest of times


  2. sissy! its amazing how god is working in both of your lives! continue to put him first and everything will into place. Hold on to these small little rainbows its just another way of god revealing to him and when you are going through hard time you have these things to look back on how faithful he is to you.Blessings to you and your family. Love you!


  3. Extraordinary, yes! How ironic that attempting to make life work without referring to the owner’s manual can cause our lives to be so complicated when the solution is so simple. Thank you for this post. God bless.


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