10 Tips for Family Photo Shoots 📷


These are tips not from a professional photographer, they are from my experiences as a photo session client.  I pray they can be of value to you ~

  1. Choose a wonderful photographer
  2. Coordinate wardrobe according to a color scheme or personalities
  3. Accessories like scarves, boots and hats look great in images
  4. Different textures and layering also catches the eye
  5. Props such as blankets, signs and balloons if you please
  6. Brainstorm poses you’d like to try, candids can also look fabulous
  7. Try to have everyone well-rested
  8. It helps if kids are well-fed, bring snacks that aren’t messy
  9. Be comfortable ~ clothing, location, time of day
  10. Be yourself and have fun!

For this photo session, we chose for the first time to not coordinate our outfits too much. We simply wore our own style of clothing and felt very free spirited. How we feel while taking photos will make a difference in how they turn out.

Our location was extra special.  Did you see that fountain in the background?  That is where my husband Clarence took us on our first date.  It is also where he got down on one knee and sweetly asked me to marry him.

If there were a fire in my home and I could run in to get a few possessions, what would I grab? I’d grab my precious family portraits. My beautiful memories. Sad to say, we don’t know when anyone will pass on. The photo of them will become an even greater treasure.

I don’t know anyone that has regretted investing in family photos.  A beloved picture is a frozen moment of celebrating life together.💛



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