Every Prayer Is Heard💛

In my dream, my friend Karen was very sad.  The Lord led me to pray for healing over her body, health.  And then I woke up, continued to pray for her.  It was 4am, Hawaii time.  I messaged her ~ that I had just dreamed about her and prayed for her.  Didn’t want to say why, because what if I was wrong?   I didn’t want to speak words of hurt if it did not happen.
I was shocked to see her message right back.  Last night she had been hurt by a friends dog. Vessels bursted in her eye.  She had never seen so much blood in her vision.  This morning she woke up and the blood still hadn’t drained.  She got on her knees and cried out to God.  She felt so alone.
And then came a message that God was with her, someone was praying for her.  She thanked me for my obedience to God and started to cry.  God knew exactly what she needed Prayed and prayed with her, for her.

Karen moved from Hawaii to California a few months ago.  We had been in touch here and there, but we weren’t too familiar about details in each others lives.  We have always loved one another as sisters in Christ.  But I don’t think we can be the same after God came between us like this.💛

Karen (mid-left) and I (far right) celebrating a friends birthday 

 God orchestrated his love so beautifully.   That moment in my dream, it just put Karen’s heart so deeply on my heart.  How much our Father loves her, loves us as his children.  His love pours over us and takes over.  There is nothing as amazing as his love.

Stepping out in faith more these days,  I’ve got to do it with all my heart.
Only God is perfect and I don’t always hear him perfectly.  Or understand him perfectly.  And if I am wrong, how could that be good for ones faith?

Maybe that is why the Lord recently baptized me to speak in tongues.  So that the Holy Spirit can intercede when I have doubts, worries, unknown answers.  We shouldn’t let anything stop us from doing God’s work.  We should passionately pursue increasing his kingdom.

It is so amazing how he uses us to build each other up in his heavenly love.  Karen kept saying how blessed she was, how her cup was overflowing like crazy.  Hearing all of that makes me feel so blessed and my cup overflows.
I can only imagine God’s heart in all this.  Seeing his two daughters come together because of his great love.   And growing stronger in his love as one of us cried out to him and another obeyed him.  It just shows that when we put him first, marvelous wonders happen.  Relationships become stronger.  Healing takes place.  Pain and fear turns to joy.  Most of all, God is glorified.

When you are feeling lost, overwhelmed with burdens.. pray to him.  Pray with all your heart.  Be faithful to him, watch how faithful he will be.  When you pray for someone, pray also with all your heart.  And don’t be afraid to let that person know, because that might be God coming through.. showing them that he is listening.

He also sings over us.
🎶Like a tidal wave crashing over me.. Rushing in to meet me here.. Your love is fierce.🎶
His love really is fierce.  There is nothing so life changing, so powerful, so comforting, so joyful.. all at the same time.
The big takeaway in this : PRAY ❤️
~ Pray and pray, you will see.


  1. Wow sis! God is amazing using your dreams to reach out to those in need and praying for them! You are such amazing woman of God..continue to be obedient and do his work as you will be blessed💕


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