Sisters in Christ✨


Aloha, Mel here💛 There are girlfriends that are family, who love you just the way you are. They shower you with prayer and encouragement. They are compassionate. They always check on you. Such closeness.. you talk with them every day.  And not only via text, you also talk on the phone. We meet up often, at least once a week. There is transparency, forgiveness and always good influence. We go through troubles together and always come out stronger and better.


We make time for each other just because we love one another wholeheartedly. We serve others together, care for the community.  We confess sin, cast out darkness.  We rebuke lies and speak truth and life.


Together.. We grow deeper with the Lord.  Miracles happen. There is healing and breakthrough. Dreams come true, dreams are planted. We increase our faith. We grow in our hope for the future.

2B1D7B8F-600F-4417-A0F6-B4128490BFFF.jpegSharing devotions at Starbucks 

B7FD1EF8-A095-42E1-822B-C84F0E5EDE32.jpegWe love CHRISTmas!

There is such overwhelming joy when I think of my sisters in Christ.  Our bond can’t compare to anything else.   I honor them as God does. They are beautifully and fearfully made, Proverbs 31 women. They share a little of their hearts through these interviews. ~


Name : Lechelle💛
How we met : We worked together at Waialae Baptist Preschool.
Fav scripture : Philippians 4:13 and Romans 8:28.
Fav bible character : Queen Esther.
Fav holiday : Christmas.
Fav movie : The Wedding Planner.
Fav food : Vegan ramen.
Dream : Visit Israel, Italy, Greece and Japan.
Biggest Accomplishent : Graduating college.
What God’s love means : God’s love means unconditional love, is gracious and merciful.


Name : Cherry💛
How we met : We met through LifeChange, what a life changing experience.
Fav scripture : The whole Psalm 91 “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”
Fav Bible character : I’d say Either Moses or Paul.
Fav Holiday : Hehe.  Christmas.
Fav Movie : I love love FireProof! And Pride and Prejudice.
Fav Food : sushiiiiiiiiiii.                                         Dream : One of my dreams is to build a ministry with my family to share and spread the gospel all around the world. And hopefully one day to be home owners.
Biggest accomplishment : This is a good question… I’d say one of mines was the day I gave my life to Christ fully, when I said my sinners prayer and said YES back in 2012. What made that accomplishment one of my biggest is not just what it did for my life on earth, but it guaranteed life with Christ after I leave this earth. Also becoming a mother has been mines, raising my daughter and soon my son.
What God’s love means : God’s love is unconditional, pure, his love is always forgiving, a love like no other.  His love sacrifices for us all at any cost.


Name : Genesis💛
How we met : Mel and I met in a 12 week program held at New Hope O’ahu called Life Change; she was one of my shepherds (leader).
Fav scripture : There are many scriptures that I love, but the one that sticks with me the most is 1 Peter 10. “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”
Fav bible character : Besides Jesus is Nehemiah, because he had an unfailing faith.
Fav holiday : Christmas.
Fav movie : The Lion King.
Fav food : Seafood, but shrimp if I had to choose only one.
Dream : To make a difference in the world starting with my kids and then expand out into the world after they leave my nest.
Biggest accomplishment : A blessing besides earning my degrees and being a mother is my oldest son receiving the Lord.
What God’s love means : God’s love to me means to love all and give without holding back and without expecting to receive something in return; to honor your parents and other elders in your life along with honoring your spouse; to respect and forgive others as God has forgiven us; to take care one another; and to continuously help those in need as long as we shall live.


Name : Cassy💛
How we met : High School classmate/re-connected at New Hope Manoa women’s fellowship.
Fav scripture : Matt 6:34.
Fav bible character: Esther.
Fav holiday : Christmas.
Fav movie : Dirty Dancing.
Fav food : Desserts.
Dream: If I’m honest to spend my life with the right man, have kids, travel the world with no worries, a place to call home.
Biggest accomplishment : Finishing college.
What God’s love means : God’s love is how a mother loves her child…unconditional, unwavering, forever and for always.


Name : Lori💛
How we met : New Hope Manoa’s Women Fellowship.
Fav scripture : Proverbs 3:5-6.
Fav bible character : Joseph.
Fav holiday : Christmas.
Fav movie : Not sure, but I love musicals and right now I love The Greatest Showman.
Fav food : Not sure.
Dream : Travel during Christmas time and starting a family.
Biggest accomplishment : Getting married.
What God’s love means : Everything.


Are you looking for a Godly friendship? Find a church or ministry you love and serve the Lord there. Volunteer and reach out to others. Go to a conference. Whoever you’re with or whatever you do, remember that we are the church.


God bless my sweet sisters in Christ. Oh how waves of your love just crash on us.  Thank you Lord for your gift of sisterhood.  We are so grateful to serve you and people together.  Thank you for walking with us as we do life together.  Your love is magnified in our journey with you.💛



  1. Beautiful blog! Your friendships with all those beautiful people are very blessed and god puts people we meet in our life’s to help us, guide us and shape us to be people who god sees us to be.


  2. Wow beautifully written!
    Thank you so much for sharing and allowing me to be apart of your blog. 😭💕

    So many wonderful and amazing people that you share life with 💛 You are always so blessed ✨ and surrounded with people who care for you. 🌸 I think it’s my pregnancy hormones but I was getting teary eyes as I was reading lol!


  3. Wow thank you so much for sharing your heart and thoughts in your blog😊. God has blessed you with wonderful friendships and people who can be there to pray encourage and love on you..Love you sis!💜


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