Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs


Were you ever invited to a special event and you really didn’t want to attend? Well, this was my situation. I could feel in my heart that my husband really wanted to go. That it meant a lot to him. Our whole family was invited. Why did I not want to go? Because the person in charge of the party is someone who wrongly treated my husband.. for years. And who showed no love to our children. No love in action.


My husbands heart kept pulling my heart. So I prayed. I did not want to pray about this, but I knew I had to. The Lord’s voice was very clear to me.. to tell my husband that I’d go to the event and be by his side. Have you ever argued with the Lord? Well.. like a child, I asked the Lord.. “Why? Dad, why do I have to go?” And he told me that love keeps no record of wrongs. After that, I couldn’t speak. I just knew I had to obey my Father. And then he spoke again. He said to go and shine his love, as a family.


I asked the Lord to clean my heart, for forgiveness for the bitterness I was holding.. and for forgiveness for my former enemy. Even though this person hurt my husband to the point of him crying in many tears. I had forgotten that I was praying for this person to see Jesus in my husband. Maybe he had no idea how much he loves, how big his heart is. I don’t know if this person knows the importance of forgiveness.


I prayed for agape love to fill my heart. The love that loves without boundaries, that gives and gives just for the beauty of loving and nothing more. This is the love that my husband has always showed to this person.

How amazing is our God. He IS love. And he teaches it so well. He teaches me through my husband.

What the enemy tries to harm and break apart, God turns it around and can make it into something so good. Before our heart fills with any sort of problem with someone, we should first look at our own heart.


When I told my husband that I’d go to the event, he was quiet. But his tone of voice changed for the rest of the evening.. There was a giant increase of joy and life in him. He was making more jokes than usual and had this burst of energy. He did a ton of chores and helped so much with the kids. He doesn’t need to say anything. As his wife, I know his heart.

I am so thankful that we have a God who convicts our heart. With him first in our life, he can correct us and help us grow in humility. He shows us that it is about being a servant. A servant to not just our loved ones and family.. but also to those who do us wrong.

If there is abuse involved.. I don’t think God wants us to be hurting from that. With unsafe people, we can serve God by praying for them and loving from afar.

For those that simply irritate us.. take us for granted.. let’s look at our own hearts and remember that God loves everyone. None of us are perfect, especially our own selves. When we love on the unlovable, I believe that sets the environment for miracles.


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  1. Sis I love how god is constantly working in your life and sharing these precious gems. You have grown so much in your faith.

    But seek first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you Matthew 6:33


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