Happy Anniversary from God


Dream ~ There was a magical and beautiful purple ballroom dress that I had.. I put it on.. and then I flew into the night sky. With stars all around, I danced and twirled in the dark sky. Just me and the spirit of God. There was so much joy and laughter.


I saw written in the sky : Psalm 128
Not the full psalm, just “Psalm 128”. The words looked like fireworks, standing still in the sky.

I went home to my husband. He held me and we were so very in love.


Such a lovely and sweet dream to wake up to. And on the morning of our wedding anniversary!


I think it’s a message to wear the Holy Spirit in our marriage and always.

I just started reading a book titled Holy Spirit by Michael Koulianos. How awesome is our God.

I opened up my Bible and read Psalm 128 ~

God is a breathtaking God. He is full of love and encouragement. I was reminded that our marriage belongs to Him. He is the blesser of all good things.

Dear Heavenly Daddy~ Thank you that you hold our marriages in your hands. Help us to always follow your ways. You are love. And your love is fierce. May we praise you through our love for one another. Holy Spirit show us how to be a God fearing husband and wife. I ask for abundant beauty, joy and laughter to dance in our hearts. And for us to grow deeper and deeper in love with each other and with you. We love you Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.



  1. Love the psalm you had in your dream. Happy Anniversary!!!! And everything comes from the one and only god up above name above all names. Amen 🙏🏻


  2. Amen 🙏🏻god is good! You both are amazing people walking with Christ in both of you..continue to put god in the center of your life and you will how god does wonders and brings blessings in to you life💜


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