God’s Protection⚔️🛡


It is amazing how God will speak to us individually in his own ways. The Holy Spirit is such an amazing messenger. Messages are many times delivered in dreams.


Dream : During school, the fire alarm went off. There was an active shooter on campus. I left the classroom and was on my way to safe grounds. Above me, on the second floor.. I saw the shooter. It was a woman and she was shooting at us. Bullets were raining down. As the bullets flew straight to me, I saw them turn supernaturally to the ground. I didn’t get shot.


Dream : There were plagues of bees everywhere. As the millions swarmed around me, I could barely even see. But I did not get stung.


Dream : I was on a mountain with lots of other people. Only my part of the mountain fell. Everyone watched me go down. As I was falling, I held my hands together & prayed. So much faith. I was about to touch ground on a meadow. God’s grace held me & put me down gently. I got up and walked. There was beauty all around.


These dreams are reminders of God’s divine protection. There was no fear. If we seek the Lord in a faithful way, I believe he will bless us with his help and protection. As he watches over our life, he will command his angels to guard us.


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  1. Those are such amazing dreams you have. It shows us that no matter what if we do it with god he will protect us from the little things that can hurt us to even the biggest things that can kill us. He is always with us no matter where we go

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