Blessed Relationships


In my dream was a vision. There was no movement, just a picture. There were three individuals standing. It was myself and a close friend of mine.. and the enemy was in the middle of us.

I immediately woke up and prayed. I talk with that friend each day and we have such a solid friendship. Always praying and encouraging one another.


I later realized that dream wasn’t just about that friend and I. That friend symbolized all relationships and how the enemy tries to get between us.


Later that night, a lady I barely knew prayed for me. She prayed that I be fully guided by the Word of God. And I instantly saw how the Word of God should be at the center of every relationship.595A5738-5650-4D0D-8811-265E05775716.jpeg
The enemy in my dream was replaced with the living breathing Word of God. The enemy was gone. He can’t come between what God has already done. May the Holy Spirit stand between us and our relationships.


Many relationships are blinded and destroyed by pride and selfishness. Friendships drift apart rather than grow closer. People would rather be successful or right, instead of encouraging and strengthening others.


With the Lord between each person in our life, how can we go wrong? If we put the Lord first in our relationships.. We shall have such abundant fellowship of love, protection, strength and joy.


I believe that in the end almost everything will turn to dust. But what won’t? Blessed relationships. Our salvation is forever. Saved souls are forever. God is forever.

Can I encourage you.. Read the Word of God. Even if just signing up for the Daily Bible App and letting it give you one short scripture a day.


Watch how the Word transforms you. For me, it was like a spiritual heart transplant. Watch how the relationships in your life grow more meaningful and deeper. And watch how with the right heart.. the blessings pour.


May we be a blessing to God and to all the relationships he has placed in our life.💛


  1. Well said!

    It reminded me of this book I’ve been reading called Wonder (yes it is also a movie). The teacher chooses a precept every month. He starts with “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. – Dr. Wayne Dyer.”

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