Turn On the Light in Your Heart ❤️


Dream : The electricity went out in our home.  It was getting dark outside, but there was still some sunlight.  I opened the door for what was left of it to shine in.  

Outside, I saw clothes everywhere and noticed a baby playing.  I turned around – the lights were on.  


Let’s do a heart check.  How is the condition of our heart?  When the light in our heart goes out, do we open the right door to be restored?

The baby signifies new life. I pray that there be a birth of new joy! Let us be clothed in light and joy.

When it gets darker, make the most of the light that you have.  Be filled with joy. The Lord will always shine his light. You just have to be willing to open that door of your heart.❤️




  1. Awe, that is so true. My daughter is my reminder that God’s love is unending. I have fallen short and I have given in to my flesh to handle the pain I’ve been going through in the last few years. I was struggling with that light. But I made a vow to God to raise my kids in the Lord, which I’ve been very bad at, and I want to make it right. I’ve been opening my bible again and I’ve started attending church regularly. I need to equip my children with God’s word and also by modeling it so that when they go out into the world…they’ll know what to do and who to turn to when the light seems to be gone. Thanks go my daughter and my sons, I am slowly climbing the ladder to God. 🙂

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    • Miss you & your family Gen! Newsfeed memories just popped up from DCAT 🙂 Loved our times at LifeChange & church💛

      We all give in to the flesh sometimes, none of us are perfect. But I love your repentant heart. I sure make a lot of mistakes. But with the right heart, the Lord transforms us & grows us from glory to glory!

      I have always admired you as a mommy & you truly inspire & do sooo much. I remember your boys singing songs of Jesus on the car rides. They are so polite & always melt my heart! You are such a wonderful mommy & woman of God!

      When you shared your testimony, you were so bold for God & his people. It was amazing. You’ve come super far & the Lord will do so much more. You got that light & so do your babies! Mama you are the Lord’s baby & he will restore & bless thousands fold! Love you 🙂


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