Paw Prints on the Heart🐾


Have you had a dog that was part of your family? I grew up with dogs. I find it such a joy to be in the company of them.  The love and bond between dogs and humans is incredible.💛

My dear friend Shari is a mommy to a girl fur baby. Her babies name is Cookie.  They shower each other with so much fun and happiness.

Throughout the week, I’ll get texts from Cookie. To be surprised with a “Good Morning Aunty” or a simple “Hi” with a picture of her cute and innocent face.. It gives me warm fuzzies! I show the pictures to my family and it brightens their day too.

Cookie has a pretty wonderful life. She goes walking, has doggie play dates, sometimes goes to work with her mommy and gets spoiled by her grandma (Shari’s mommy). She gets new toys and treats. She sleeps in the coziest blankets whenever she wants. If only we could have more Cookie days.

What is Cookies favorite part of the day? It’s when her mommy opens the door and comes home. 😊

D9C84A19-428F-468A-8388-7250B3E34628Cookie loves to hog blankets22AA52EC-DD6F-4ECA-A000-2AA1F927A1B3Naptime with grandma92E1B07D-0F80-4E10-9AE7-B42C171EA194.jpegDoggy play date

64CF4939-3126-4220-9D87-D94FE6E88DD0    First Christmas🎄

We can learn so much from these furry friends.  Dogs teach us to enjoy life, have fun, be affectionate, play, be accepting and loyal.  Most of all, to love unconditionally.

What a beautiful world it would be if more people had hearts like dogs.

Companionship with dogs is such a special thing.  Research now shows that when a human and dog share a loving gaze, the hormones activated are like the ones we share with our own human babies.

When a human and doggie have a strong relationship, there are physical and spiritual health benefits. Dogs keep us active, reduce stress and improve our heart health. They give more meaning and purpose to life.

Experts say that the cheerfulness we have with our dogs is mutual.  Dogs help us to be happy and healthy and we do the same for them.😊

Shari and Cookie are a perfect example of this beautiful family love~


How did you know you and Cookie were meant to be?  

On Saturday night, Rascal gave me a look that told me he was done. He was in pain and it wasn’t going to get better. We had given it a full 3 years of trying with medicine and vet visits. He looked at me from under my desk and his look said it all. No matter how much I wanted to hold on to him, it was asking too much of him to keep living in constant pain.

I went onto the Humane Society website the next morning and scanned through the pictures. I found the picture of this little puppy (5 months old) with no name. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted her, but I wanted to see her.

I sent the picture to my mom and we planned to go to the Petco in Pearl City by 11 (because the puppies go quickly). My mom made us late by 30 minutes.

I found Cookie being watched by a volunteer. She was sleeping in one of the wagons, but she woke up when I picked her up. She looked at me through her half open eyes and licked my chin. That was it. I was in love with her. Even though I knew I could barely afford adopting her, I had to do it.

What is your favorite memory with Cookie?

With Cookie, there are so many wonderful moments. Recently, I surprised my mom with Cookie. It was a morning where we were going to meet up early before going out for our errands. I called my mom to ask her what she wanted for breakfast. I told her that I left Cookie at home. When I got to my mom’s place, her front door was closed. She had it cracked open a little so I knew that I could go in. I stopped before the door and unhooked Cookie from her leash. My mom came to the door, opened it wide and Cookie ran to her jumping on her legs in her excitement. My mom’s face froze in horror and she looked like she was going to scream. She thought Cookie was a giant rat attacking her. It was hilarious seeing her trying to recover. I started laughing super hard and eventually my mom joined in. Cookie was very confused, but she went back to attacking my mom with her kisses.

What do you think is the best way to show love to doggies?

I’m no expert on this. I love Cookie and I know she loves me. Dogs actually don’t like hugs. You should see how Cookie reacts when my mom is squeezing her tightly. She makes this bored face like “when is this over?” But then she licks my mom’s face and she’s happy again. I know there are reasons not to let dogs lick people’s faces, but if she wants to do it, then I let her (for the most part).

Dogs don’t care about having things. They are happy when they are given food and toys and treats, but they don’t need these things to know we love them. They like simple signs of affection; being allowed to curl up behind you on the couch, settling on your tummy while you lie on the bed, just being rubbed in the special spot that makes them feel good. These small signs of affection, trust, care, and faith are how we communicate love in non-verbal ways.


CD54631D-237D-4FF9-AE53-A196EE5201A0One of the best things on earth is the love of a good dog.💛🐶


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