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Did you ever have a friend that you did everything with? That is how my friendship with Lechelle was.

Together we worked at school as teachers, served in church and wherever Holy Spirit led us.  Cultivating atmospheres of worship.  We ate breakfast+lunch+dinners side by side almost daily. We went grocery shopping, did devotions at Starbucks, partied, went to conferences, the library.  We fed the homeless and embraced many who were broken.  We sang karaoke, spent weekends at each other’s apartments.

F59BACBF-4C21-454C-95F4-AE7A61A349D0.jpegOn lunch break together at work 3882E6FA-BA9F-4AB7-A53B-6611C14F08BFRamen dinners anytime we had a stressful dayA5B4C4E7-3A23-416F-96C9-0C75ECA6C81D.jpegGrocery shopping couldn’t have been more funAC457242-096C-4683-8A39-246164B4E3AALoving on homeless with PB&J sandwiches 

Together we shined light on one another and on others. We’d lay hands and just pray and pray. Or call each other up just to pray.

918AC05E-6A3A-4089-92A3-A57FC008B5D8Filled with joy at church 

If we weren’t together, we were texting each other. We were young, single and just wanted to serve the Lord with all our hearts.

About ten years later, Lechelle moved to a different island in Hawaii. But we still kept in touch.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. It broke my heart. We had been through so much, both good and bad. This pierced my heart deeply.

I’ve seen others struggle with cancer. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live with a terminal disease. Some have become depressed or continued to live their life the very same way.

Lechelle’s attitude grew beautifully brighter. She changed her lifestyle to be as healthy as possible. She chose to seek the Lord more than ever. While she is working hard to prolong her days here, she is trusting the Lord in it all.

She is working to achieve a masters degree. Her goal is to become a social worker. All while being present as an encouragement to others in the here and now. 


How humbling it is to see such a servant of the Lord. She knows her purpose is to help people. She also knows where her forever home is.


If there were one thing you could tell others about how to live their best life, what would it be?

Live life to the fullest.. Spend time with your loved ones and friends.. Eat healthy, exercise, travel and disciple to others about Jesus.


Favorite memories….

0022FEB3-881D-45E9-B1C2-F145E043C89FLechelle dancing hula with her halauDF8A5558-3D98-46D9-8208-2F6895337276Having desserts and laughing the entire time F467CACD-653A-4226-BB11-04472B278DB2Celebrating my baptism together


When we know we belong to the Lord and trust in His plans, we have a blessed assurance. No matter what the circumstances are, there is always something to be grateful for. Joy even amidst storms.  Rejoice in Jesus.  We are called into His glory.  Our God is greater than anything this earth gives us.

This blog post is dedicated to you Lechelle.  Praise God for you are His masterpiece.  Thank you for inspiring me with your great love for Jesus and people. Let’s continue to dance in life together!


Can I encourage anyone reading this ~ Treasure and nourish each moment of friendship💛



      1. Awww thank you for dedicating your blog to me..when I was diagnoised with my disease, one of the things that went through my mind was I’m not letting this take over my life nor will I give up because I know what my purpose is and it’s to help people and most of all share my faith give hope and inspire others.

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      2. You guys have a beautiful relationship and we never know what will happen the next day but live life to the max each day and we will never regret anything.

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