On Hold for 7 Hours… And Blessed💛


~ I just went on with my day while my phone charged and stayed on speaker.. Thank goodness for unlimited minutes ~

I was trying to pay a bill.. Because online services didn’t have my account information correct, I had to talk to an agent on the phone to pay. ☎️  And I was on hold for the longest in my life. For 1 – 2 hours only to have the call be dropped.. over and over again. Finally at around 4pm Hawaii time, someone answered. It was a miracle!✨

After the agent helped me pay my bill…

Me : Can you fix my online payment service please?

Agent : Sorry ma’am, but you’ll have to email services for them to do it for you

Me : I already did, I’ll just wait for their response. I just don’t want to be calling each month because I was on hold all day for many hours. Why is it so hard to get through?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Agent : I apologize but it could be the weather

Me : Where are you guys located?

Agent : We’re in Texas

Me : Oh boy, were you guys ok from Hurricane Harvey?

Agent : Yes ma’am we are okay, we’ve got power and everything like that all back and things are still coming together but okay. What about the missile war scare you guys just had on Thursday?

Me : It was on Saturday. Many of us thought we were going to die. But our home was calm and we’re okay. Thank you sir for all your help today, I’m so glad you guys are okay. God bless you! Bye bye.

Agent : Thank you.. so KINDLY, thank you. …. (sounding choked up) …… Bye (very softly)

And then I hung up.

I could feel such emotion on the other end. Prayed for that man, I don’t even remember his name. Bless his heart.💖

It’s now been 4 days in a row with the false missile alert still being the biggest story. I understand how scary it was for so many of us. But by the grace of God, we’re still alive. We learned sooo much.

After the phone call, I couldn’t stop hurting for the people recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Father God, be with them and surround them with your love and hope. Thank you Lord for giving us all we need, for filing us with gratefulness. We are so blessed to have clean water, enough clothes, food, transportation, jobs, our homes, lives. More than all that, thank you for you💛

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