Your Last Day on Earth


A few days ago, I had a dream and then that dream suddenly came true.

We (the state of Hawaii) had a missile attack alert threat. As I prayed, the Lord asked.. If this were your last day on earth, who would you say I love you to? How would you spend your day?

In real life and in my dream, the same scene.. Thank goodness the missile attack was a false alarm. But in moments of thoughts on life and death, you sure do realize how precious our time here is.

If only we lived each day as if it were our last. Then when our time has come and it surely will for all of us, I hope we will have finished our race strong.

There is an eternal life.. What we do in the here and now will affect our next life. Compared to our next life, life here is just a vapor in the wind.

That is why I started writing this blog for you.  My hearts desire is to share ways to live our best life.

We don’t know when our last day will be or when our last day will be for those we love.  With a heavenly faith and truth, we can end up together in the greatest love and joy.  More beautiful than anything you can imagine.💛


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